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The Buzz vs The Bulge

The Buzz vs The Bulge Caffeine and calories equivalent to 30 mins of CALORIES 600 Big Mac L.Hot Chocolate & whipped cream L.Mocha Frappucino &whipped cream L. Hazelnut Mocha &whipped cream dark chocolate bar 500 Mocha Frappe Latte (semi-skimmed) Blueberry muffin Mocha Frappe Latte (skimmed) L. Mocha Frappucino 400 Fries Liced Mocha 1 litre bottle of Coke Sm. Mocha Frappucino (whipped cream) Frappe Latte (semi) L. Chai Tea Latte 300 L. McCoke Frappe Latte (skimmed) L. Latte Sm. Mocha Frappucino Sm. Hot Chocolate (Whipped cream) Coffee lce Cream ---- 200 Butter Croissant 50 100 Energy Drink 150 200 250 300 CAFFEINE (in miligrams) CAFFEINE Sm. iced Mocha Coke Sm. Chai Tea Latte Large Cappucino Glass of wine 100 Sm. Latte Iced Latte Dr. Pepper Instant coffee Sm. black Americano L. Cappucino (skimmed milk) Americano Strip of dark chocolate Tea & milk Espresso Double espresso Decaf coffee Brewed coffee (black) Green tea Black tea 2x pain killers L. brewed coffee Iced Coffee Sm. Iced Coffee CALORIES average calorie & caffeine counts used source: Guardian Data Store,, David McCandless // // additional illustration:Jez Burrows //v1.0

The Buzz vs The Bulge

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Caffeine and calorie are two very familiar words in the English language and the modern lifestyle. This infographic places the caffeine and caloric content of many popular caffeinated beverages and f...


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