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Buying extra virgin olive oil from the producer vs. to the supermarket

Buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Producer vs. to the Supermarket Q.ty 1 lt Packaging 0,5 € 0,7€ Shipping Producer Mark up 0,6 € 0,7€ Packaging 1€ Producer Mark up Large-scale retailer Mark up 2,8 € Supplier Mark up 1,2 € Real Price 5,6 € of olive oil -48% Real Price of olive oil 2,9 € 8 € Final Price 8 € What are the benefits buying from the Producer? Italian style 1.600.000 Italy is one of the world Number of employees in Olive industry in Italy larger producer of extra virgin olive oil. Variety Compared to other Mediterranean Our olive trees are a great biodiversity heritage. The olive tree is cultivated in Italy since ancient times and each territory selected his special cultivation, by countries, its production is still based on small farms strongly linked to the 40 PDO and PGI territories territory. recognized in Italy producing very different olive oil. 250 Millions of olive Olive trees trees on are an essential part of our landscape, of which our territory often represent a characteristic aesthetic element. The olive tree cultivation, besides that, does not require a water overuse and helps to preserve reservations. Territory 623 Extra 1,9 virgin olive oil has anti- inflammatory, protective and stimulating characteristics. Million hectares cultivated with olive trees in Italy Autochthonous varieties of olive tree (cultivar) in Italy (double than in Spain) In particular, it protects arteries from cholesterol 776.000 damages, carrying only good cholesterol (HDL). 464.000 Farms in Olive industry in Italy Tons of olive oil Health produced in Italy What are the risks buying in supermarkets? Fraud 599.000 Such low prices on large retailers can hide Tons of olive oil imported in Italy 24,5% frauds. Italy is the largest importer from countries with much Percentage of illegal work in Farming in Italy lower costs production. Indicating the Italian origin on foreign oil is a fraud. Prices imposed by the large retailers make necessary the use of pesticides and chemicals in order to increase production. Substances that directly flow in the finished product. 0,2/0,5 €/lt Pesticides Cost of Spanish, Greek or Tunisian lampantye olive oil in the wholesale market To keep prices down, some operators 8.000.000 lt Large - scale retail trade has been Too low olive oil Liters of lampante and virgin oil deodorized to remove the smell of are producing olive oil using oil from seeds and pomace olive oil, adding chlorophyll and other chemicals. All extremely prices, can hide the use rancid and sold as Italian oil seized in accused of invasive Siena in 2011 practices towards producers. The cruelest consists in pretending a price lower than the of illegal work, often in condition of exploitation. The problem is particularly marked in certain areas damaging substances for our health. Chemical production one to access to the sales network. of South Italy and in Andalusia. 1,88 €/lt The price that a big wholesaler could get by mixing and modifying olive oil sold to big national companies And what if you are buying olive oil in a supermarket at Invasive practices Illegal work less that 8€? What are you eating? The data refer to 2012 for extra virgin olive oll packaged in a lit glass bottle. The shipping cost refers to a shipment of at least 50lt; for supermarkets the value is included in the large-scale retailer margin. All figures come from Ismea (Italian Institute for Agricultural Services), Unaprol (Primary Italian organization for Olive oil producers), Istat (Italy's National Statistics Institute), Eurostat. Data on food fraud come from news sources. Bompensa

Buying extra virgin olive oil from the producer vs. to the supermarket

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The infographic that we present helps to explain clearly what are the risks you take buying your extra virgin olive oil (also expensive) to the supermarket and what would be the benefits that you woul...


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