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Burger Time Delite

BurgerTime Our love affair with masses of muddled meat knows no bounds. Here are the top ways Americans prefer to adorn their patties. The Bread Winners Don't tell the widow Atkins, but Americans still prefer nestling their patties between a nice set of buns. THE HOT SIX About 6% of all orders feature a hamburger. Brioche Bun 17% Whole Wheat Bun 16% BOGGLIN' O BURGERS Pretzel Bun 13% Burger idolatry gone wild. Kaiser Roll 8% · The Hamburger Hall of Fame is located in Seymour, WI. Sesame Seed Bun Pleased to Meat You • The Fleur Burger 5000 at Fleur restaurant in Las Vegas costs $5.000. It wouldn't be a burger without a, uh... burger. Here are the workhorses we call on to lead our meat parade. • The National Hamburger Festival in Akron, OH draws thousands of people annually.a Beef 75% · Swiss-based Katadyn once tried marketing a cheeseburger in a can. Turkey 6% GET SAUCED No burger is complete without a compendium of condiments: Veggie 4% 1. 17% have ketchup. Chicken 1% 2. 16% have son mayonnaise. 3. 10% have mustard. With Cheese, Please 4. 3% have BBQ sauce. A burger without cheese? That's like a horse without a saddle, bro. Here's the dairy we most love to drape: 5. 1% have guacamole. Cheddar 35% American 30% BURGER TOWNS These places feature burgers in their orders more often than Swiss 9% the rest. Mozzarella 6% 1. 20% in Fayetteville, NC Pepperjack 6% 2. 15% in Virginia Beach, VA 3. 13% in Fort Worth, TX Hamburger Helpers 4. 13% in Knoxville, TN These premium toppings are among the ingredients that thrust the patty wagon straight into Flava Town. Behold! 5. 13% in Milwaukee, WI Bacon 33% Egg 2% Chili 1% Garden of Good Eatini EN MEAT-IA RES Burgers are nearly 20% more popular during lunch. What?! But it ain't all meat n' cheese. Burgers often come topped with a plethora of plants. Onions 30% KNOW YER ONIONS Lettuce 28% Let's all join the Alliuminati! 1. 5% feature grilled onions. Tomato 24% 2. 2% feature fried onions. 3. 2% feature sautéed onions. Pickles 17% 4. 2% feature caramelized onions. Mushrooms 9% 5. 2% feature red onions. Put a Fork in Jt Here's how we prefer 'em done. 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 Rare Medium Medium Medium Well Rare Well grubHub happy eating Numbers are opproimate and based on GrubHub burger arders placed between 1/1/2013-5/5/2013 1 hitp:/homeofthehamburgerorg/ 2 http://wwwmandakaybaycam/dining/leur/ 3 http://wwwharmburgerfestivalcom/about-ushtml 4 http:/digitaljournalcom/article/249504 Percentage or orders

Burger Time Delite

shared by GrubHub on May 23
When it comes to burgers, GrubHub knows how it’s done. Take a ride on our patty wagon to learn how Americans are eating their burgers these days.




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