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Bubbling Over: The Buzz on Sparkling Wine

BUBBLING OVER • THE BUZZ ON SPARKLING WINE As the season of toasts approaches, many people will be filling their glasses with sparkling wine. How much do you know about this celebratory favorite? CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE ONLY COMES STH CENTURY FROM CHAMPAGNE First recorded sparkling wine vineyard planted in the Champagne region of France. Contrary to FRANCE Champagne popular belief, it did not belong to Dom Perignon. The world's oldest bottle of champagne sold at auction in 2011. FRANCE EVERYTHING ELSE IS SPARKLING WINE. Found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the AGE OF BOTTLE 171YEARS AICIO PRICE $43.000 nearly 200-year-old bottle drew more than $40,000. THE LABEL VEUVE CLICQUOT SPARKLING WINE 401. 45-48 OC. Amount of all sparkling wine sales that happen between October and December 24 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT The perfect temperature to serve sparkling wine DEC. ICE BUCKET) ICE WATER SALT ingredients to chill your sparkling wi wine quickly Speed of a sparkling wine cork bottle shaken, not stirred) Carbon dioxide Puts the fizz in sparkling wine THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 3-4 days Flute Proper serving glass Length of time sparkling wine will keep if sealed properly WHAT DO THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SPARKLING WINE MEAN? EXTRA BRUT THE DRIEST OF DRY. CONTAINS NO ADDED SUGAR BRUT DRY, THE MOST COMMON EXTRA DRY DEMI-SEC A MIDPOINT BETWEEN SEC AND DOUX SEC DOUX THE MIDPOINT BETWEEN SLIGHTLY SWEET SWEET AND DRY THE SWEETEST HOW TO PROPERLY OPEN. A BOTTLE OF SPARKLING WINE JUST SAY NO TO CORKSCREWS! DON'T SHAKE! 2 Unwrap foil 3 4 5 Tilt bottle at 45- degree angle, slowly twist the bottle while Pour at an angle,ENJOY until 2/3 full responsibly) grasping cork and wire hood Place thumb on top, unscrew wire hood FOOD AND BEVERAGE Pair your sparkling wine with these foods for interesting flavor combinations: Brut, extra brut POPCORN YAKISOBA STIR-FRY NOODLES FRENCH FRIES SHELLFISH Sec, demi-sec TURKEY CHIMICHANGAS SWEET POTATOES INDIAN CURRY JAMAICAN JERK CHICKEN Rosé SALMON BRIE BEETS PROSCIUTTO BANK WEST 2 BNP PARIBAS GROUP COMMERCIAL BANKING Brought to you by Bank of the West. For more expert insight on the wine industry, contact [email protected] ADDITIONAL SOURCESľ2011/06/29/the-worlds-oldest-champagne/ • http:/ • htt:/ ---......

Bubbling Over: The Buzz on Sparkling Wine

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An infographic that teaches you all about sparkling wine, how to properly open and serve your next bottle, what those labels mean, and interesting food pairings!


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