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Britain's Favourite Quality Street

What's The Nation's Favourite Quality Street Quality Street? & How to Get the Ones You Want Sharing a tin of Quality Street is a well-observed family tradition. Everyone has their favourite chocolate, which inevitably leads to a lot of family quarrels. We polled 1,500 people to find out what the UK's favourite Quality Street chocolates are. Using this data we wanted to uncover whether it really is Grandpa stealing all the Caramel Swirls and attempt to establish an exchange rate to trade choccies fairly, e.g. if all that's left are Toffee Pennies. The Lineup The Coconut Milk Choc The Green Honeycomb Caramel Purple One Eclair Block Triangle Crunch Swirl Toffee Toffee Orange Orange Fudge Strawberry Finger Penny Chọc Crunch Creme Delight Quality Street. SINCE Quality Street What You Get vs. What You Want We counted the actual contents of a tin of Quality Street and compared these to the percentage breakdown of your favourite choccies (using our poll data) to see if what you get in a tin is what you want. What You Get What You Want Quality Street Quality Street iSINCE 36 ING 1936 Quality Street. Quality Street. Chocolates per Tin: What You Get VS. What You Want Most Common: Most Popular: Fudge The Purple One Everyone's Favourite It perhaps comes as no surprise that across all ages the most popular Quality Street chocolates are The Purple One and The Green Triangle. This was also the case when Nestlé did their own poll in 2016, but how do the top five chocs in both polls compare to the five most common in actual tins of Quality Street? Our Poll Nestlé Most Common Тоp 5 Top 5 Тор 5 The Nestlé poll and our own poll have four chocolates in common, but this doesn't correlate with the five most common chocolates found in an actual tin. In fact only 1 chocolate from each poll appeared in the top five most common chocolates! Do Nestlé really think we like Coconut Eclairs that much? Family Favourites The overall top five chocolates in our poll tallied nicely with Nestlé's own poll results, but what about if we split the results by age? Let's find out if it's your Dad who's hogging all the Green Triangles shall we? Favourite Chocolate by Age 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Key Points: Strawberry Delights are a top five choc amongst Nobody really likes Coconut Eclairs, There isn't much love for the Orange Choc Crunch until you reach but they are most popular amongst the middle aged all ages until you the 65+ age group, reach 65+ where it where it reaches and the 65+ age drops to a lowly 8th place! the top five! groups. Interest in the Milk Choc Block generally decreases with age, Green Triangles are the most popular chocolate until middle age kicks in, when it is overtaken by finishing in last place with The Purple One. the over-65s. Family Feuds - Who Gets What? Let's say your Uncle Joe has grabbed all of the prized Green Triangles and all that's left in the tin are the despised Coconut Eclairs, how are you going to convince him to part with his chocolate? In years gone by, this would have been the start of many family arguments – but now that's a thing of the past! Simply use the Quality Street Exchange Rate below to find out how many chocs you'll need to trade for the one you truly want. Example: The Quality Street Exchange Rate Happy Quarreling SHARING Sources: Brought to you by: CDA Built for your life

Britain's Favourite Quality Street

shared by RFox91 on Jan 17
When does Christmas start to feel like Christmas? The answer is when you put a tin of Quality Street under the Christmas tree, obviously. There's a lot at stake when the tin goes down, everyone has th...




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