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Brew Local - A Philadelphia Beer Infographic

A CIVILIZING BREW When nomadic tribes began to farm, grain was the first crop and beer soon followed. 4,000-year-old tablets from Babylon have beer recipes and beer was even used to pay workers for labor. TOO THIRSTY TO TRAVEL The pilgrims planned to sail farther south, but stopped instead at Plymouth Rock. Why? Because they ran out of beer. WHEAT BEER PALE ALE PILSNER HELLES (ALMOST) ALL BEERS ARE EITHER ALES OR LAGERS BOCK DUNKEL STOUT PORTER ALES LAGERS Fermented warm and made with a yeast that rises to the top Made with a bottom or cold-fermenting yeast Generally stronger and more forceful in taste than lagers because of their relatively fast and warm fermentation WEYERBACHER BREWING COMPANY Easton, PA | TRY Double Simcoe IPA (9%) Blasphemy Quadruple Ale (11.8%) Traditionally need to age longer than ales at a colder temperature. This process inhibits the production of esters Often described as described as robust, bearty or fruity Generally described as mellow, crisp, and clean SLY Fox BREWING COMPANY Phoenixville, PA | TRY: Pikeland Pils (4.9%) Oktoberfest Lager (5.8%) PA RIVER HORSE BREWING COMPANY Lambertville, NJ | TRY: Hop Harard American Pale Ale (6.5%) But that's not to say we don't bave some ridiculous beer laws on the books. PHILADELPHIA BREWING COMPANY FIVE DUMB PA BEER LAWS An Abridged PHILLY BEER HISTORY Philadelphia, PA | TRY: Kenzinger (4.5%) Harvest from the Hood Ale (7%, Seasonal) O A Restaurant or Eating Place mNst allow on-premise consumption of YARDS BREWING COMPANY Philadelphia, PA | TRY: Love Stont (5.5%) From the mid-19th to early-20th century, Philadelphia was home to over 90 breweries (many located in Brewerytown), with another 100 throughout the region. The first American lager was brewed in Northern Liberties alcokol in order to sell VICTORY BREWING COMPANY Dowingtown, PA Hop Devil (6.7%) Prima Pils (5.3%) off-premise alcohol. TRY: You can't sell beer FLYING FISH BREWING CONPANY Cherry Hill, NJ | TRY: Belgian Abbey Dubbel Ale (7.3%) where you sell gasoline. STOUDT'S BREWING COMPANY Adamstown, PA | TRY: O You can only buy 192 ounces of beer from an establishment at a time (but you can buy 192 ounces as many times as you'd like). Gold Lager (4.7%) Karnival Kolsch (4.8%) in 1840. Today, world-class microbreweries are fueling Philly's revived reputation as a premier beer town. The local industry employs 16,000 workers, produces $422 million in wages and $122 million LANCASTER BREWING COMPANY Lancaster, PA | TRY: Milk Stout (5.3%) Kolsch (4.8%, Seasonal) TWIN LAKES BREWERY Greenville, DE | TRY: Greenville Pale Ale (5.2%) OYou can't have a stage that can be seen from outside of the licensed premises. DE Olf you sell alcohol, you can't give away a free launch, but you can TROEG'S BREWING COMPANY Hershey, PA | TRY: HopBack Amber (6%) Nugget Nectar Ale (7.5%, Seasonal) give your eustomers DOGFISH HEAD CRAFT BREWERY Milton, DE | TRY: 90 Minute IPA (9%) in taxes. complimentary food. Burton Baton (10%, Occasional) Brew Local ANIHLIM ILES O мIL, 90 NSUMPTION НОPS 12 A type of clustered flower that are used to give beer much of its aгomа and taste. 24.4 22.2 illil 21.1 17.4 16.6 MALT Germinated barley (ar wheat) that has been dried and processed. Ir's used to develop body and balance out the hops. MICRO YEAST Micro-organisms that convert sugar to alcohol while enhancing the beer's flavor and aroma. MD PA DE NJ USA Gallons per person BREW LOCAL, DRINK LOCAL THE BEER INDUSTRY PROVIDES 1.8 MILLION JOBS PAYING ST1 BILLION IN WAGES ER HAS THREE KEY INGREDIEWT NERAGE ANNUAL BEER Co

Brew Local - A Philadelphia Beer Infographic

shared by markadams on Jun 04
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Coinciding with Philly Beer Week, this infographic pays homage to both the Philadelphia region's rich brewing history as well as it's current impressive state. Designed in Philadelphia by Mark Adams, cheers!


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