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Breakfast From Around The World

NEWS Breakfast From the CAroud BREAKFAST IS GOOD FOR YOU Eating breakfast everyday makes you 34% less likely to develop type 2 Eating breakfast makes you 43% less likely to become obese than people who don't eat breakfast. diabetes. Individuals who miss People who regularly eat breakfast are 4 times more likely to become obese. breakfast have been shown to eat 12% healthier throughout the rest of the day. PEOPLE WHO DON'T EAT KIDS WHO EAT BREAKFAST EAT: BREAKFAST SCORE Excellent! 17.5% higher on math tests. TOP 10 BREAKFAST FOODS 40% 55% more soft drinks Cold Coffee Juice more sweets Cereal Milk Bread Eggs Hot Fruit Tea Cereal 45% fewer vegetables 30% less fruit Breakfast Sandwiches INTERESTING BREAKFASTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Australia FEWER THAN 10% OF AUSTRALIANS EAT A COOKED BREAKFAST. VEGEMITE ON TOAST Vegemite is a brown spread made from brewers' yeast extract, vegetables, wheat, and spices. It tastes salty and is slightly bitter and malty. More than 22 million jars of Vegemite are produced per year. Перал NATTÖ ON RICE A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of nattö (fermented soy beans) on rice. Nattö has a powerful smell, strong flavor, and slimy texture. 70.2% of Japanese people like nattö. Of the 29.8% who don't like nattö, half of them still eat it because it's healthy. NATTÖ PREPARATION Beans are soaked Mixed with the Steamed for 6 hours. for 12-20 hours. bacteria nattõ-kin . Fermented at 104° F The nattõ is then cooled and aged in the for 24 hours. refrigerator for up to 1 week. Malaysia NASI LEMAK II Malaysia's national dish. Made of coconut rice, cucumber, anchovies, roasted peanuts, hard-cooked egg and sambal (spicy sauce). Served in a banana leaf, newspaper, or brown paper. India E Sri Lanka APPAM (HOPPERS) Bowl-shaped pancakes are made wit RLOUR fermented rice flour. Fillings include spicy sauces, eggs, honey, or coconut cream. Cooked in small bowl shaped pans called Appachatti. Jurkey TARHANA Tarhana is a fermented and dried mixture of cracked wheat, yogurt and vegetables. The powder is made into a thick soup, which is eaten at all meals, including breakfast. Morocco BREAKFAST TAGINE Tagine is a slow-cooked stew of lamb with traditional seasonings. Leftovers are often eaten for breakfast. Tagine is named after the clay pot in which it's cooked. A tagine's bottom is a wide, shallow dish with a top that is a cone or dome shape. South CAprica BOEREWORS This traditional sausage dish is made from coarsely minced beef flavored with spices and fat. The name comes from the Afrikaans words for farmer (boer) and sausage (wors). Boerewors 1,688 feet Boerewors are often served with scrambled ostrich egg. A world record for the longest boerewors was set in South Africa on June 16, 2011. It measured 1,688 feet long and weighed about 925 pounds! Ostrich eggs weigh about 3 pounds each, over 20 times the size of a chicken's egg. Argentina YERBA MATE WITH FACTURAS (A CROISSANT TYPE PASTRY) Yerba mate is a drink prepared by steeping dry leaves and twigs from the yerba plant in hot water, traditionally in a hollow gourd. The flavor is herbal and grassy, similar to some types of green tea. Argentineans consume 11 pounds of yerba mate per person each year. Chef Works SOURCES: 080

Breakfast From Around The World

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There are many health benefits associated with eating breakfast. One study reports that people who regularly eat breakfast have been shown to eat twelve percent healthier throughout the rest of their ...


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