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Bread Talk

BREADtalk YEAST FLOUR WATER Bread, in one form or other, has been one of the principle forms of food for man from the earliest of times. Making bread is one the simplest process. Here you see a few slices of information about bread. KNEADING Ingredients combine to form bread dough. This is kneaded by pressing, turning, and folding. PROCESS MOULDING 1928 The first automatic bread slicer Dough is fed into slicing machine,moved through warm,humid conditions and divided into uniform loaves invented by Mr. Rohwedder FERMENTATION World's biggest sandwich This is then allowed to stand for few hours 3,178kgs HIEROGLYPHS SUMERIAN BREAD BREAD BAKING Dough is reshaped into loaves in pans and passed through hot-air convection oven for baking 3200 BCE 80 3000 BCE Fresh bread 2400 BCE delivered to retail outlets and shops 1000 Top 10 Bread Consumers of the World CALORIES (per slice) Consumed by humans in various forms - 100 gms Carbahydrate Fot Protein Fibre FACTS ABOUT It takes 9 seconds to One bushel of If a sandwich was eaten for all three Murphy's Law meals, it would take 168 days BREAD harvest enough wheat to dictates that buttered wheat will produce 73 one-pound make about 70 loaves to eat the amount of bread bread will always land FOOD FOR ALL of bread produced from one bushel of wheat buttered-side down loaves of bread Soskshite hrobhokar Historic Symbols A D A E- IRELAND ONVIV1Z MaN VIVAISA VIsvav iany The data shown in the following info graph ia doted in the year 2002

Bread Talk

shared by Saakshita on Jan 01
An info graphic telling us a story of the life of Bread from the beginning to the time it is ont he shelf


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