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Big City BBQ: Know Where to go to Find Your Favorite Recipes

Big City BBQ Know where to go to find your favorite recipes Typical Meats KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Traditional Sides Baked Beans KO Tomato Molasses Thick and Sticky Regional Specialty: Burnt Ends Clasie American beef brisket point with Cooking Notes: charred outer layer or 'bark' Smoke over hickory wood for several hours SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI Traditional sides: Typical Meate Coleslaw & MacsCheese Cooking Notes: Grill it up! STI Tomato Vinegar Thin, slightly bitter Regional Specialty: Crispy Snoots smoked pig snouts OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY Regional Specialty: Smoked Mutton Typical Mante Mutton smoked and served with 'black sauce' dip. OWE Worchestershire Vinegar Cooking Notes: Thin and runny Slow cook over hickory Traditional Sides: Pickles & Coleslaw LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Typical Meete LEX Tomato Base Cooking Notes: Smoke over hickory, oak or sassafras Spices sticky, sweet 6 spicy Regional Specialty: Shredded Pork Pulled Pork swimming in tomato-based bbq sauce Typical Meate MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Cooking Notes: Traditional Sides: Coleslaw & Corn Bread Dry rub c b and smoke MEM Tomato Vinegar thin and spicy Regional Specialty: Barbecued Bologna RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Traditional Sides Coleslaw & Hush Puppies Tupical Maate RAL Vinegar Red Pepper very thin Regional Specialty: Cooking Notes: Whole Hog Roast Slow smoke over hardwood Either turned on a spit or split and smoked - nothing is wasted. LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Tupical Meate Regional Specialty: Outside Brown Crispy, outer pieces of pork shoulder LEX Cooking Notes: Wood smoke and baste frequently Tomato Vinegar Traditional Sides: Cabbage Slaw CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA Traditional Sides: Pickles & Mac&Cheese Typical Meate CHL Mustard Vinegar Cooking Notes: Smoke over hickory wood for several hours Brown Sugar Regional Specialty: Caroling Hash Meat stewed with onions, herbs, and vinegar. Served over rice DECATUR, ALABAMA Traditional Sides: Pickles Typical Meats DEC Regional Specialty: White Sauce Various meats served with signature white bbq sauce. Mayonnaise Vinegar Cooking Notes: Cook over hickory, oak or pecan wood. thin and runny SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA Traditional Sides Salsa & Pinquito Beans Typical Maate Cooking Notes: Gril it up! Regional Specialty: Tri-Tip Beef Triangle-shaped bottom sirloin. California BBQ is Sauceless. Only dry rubs are uUsed. GOEDEKER'S Trusted since 1951 Sources: http://www.encyclopediaofalabamaorg/face/Article.jsprid=h-1405 bbq © GOEDEKER'S TELEVISION COMPANY | All Rights Reserved FE

Big City BBQ: Know Where to go to Find Your Favorite Recipes

shared by Goedekers on Jun 13
For some people, barbecue isn't just another option for a meal - it's a way of life. And for certain cities in the United States, there is only one right way to barbecue. They hold fast to their respe...


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