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The Benefits of Herbs

THE BENEFITS OF HERBS BY APAGE Fresh herbs not only taste great, but they boost home cooking with a host of healthy nutrients. TIPS FOR GROWING HERBS SUNNY SPACE HEALTHY SOIL SKIP SEEDS PROPER HYDRATION HARVEST LEAVES STORAGE FERTILIZE Herbs should be planted indoors or outdoors in a spot that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight at a Herbs should be You can grow herbs Caring for an herb Harvest the leaves At the end of the Be careful not planted in a healthy soil mixed with from seeds, but that garden requires striking frequently before the flowers grow. The flower usually season, either bring to over fertilize, inside (prior to the first frost) with the can take 5 to 10 weeks. A quicker and keeping the soil moist, easier option for beginning an herb garden is to buy young plants. a balance between as this causes compost, and an organic fertilizer. herbs to lose but not overwatering. indicates the end of intention of their flavor. Try waiting until the topsoil is completely dry before adding more water. Mint and parsley, however, prefer wetter an herb cycle. replanting the next year, or clip the leaves and freeze them with filtered moderate temperature. water as ice cubes, that can be melted and used during soil. the winter months. Like most plant foods, fresh herbs are a great source of a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as calcium, manganese, potassium, iron, fiber and magnesium BASIL Common uses: STRONG ANTI-BACTERIAL PROPERTIES Italian Tomato Stir Health bene fits: dishes sauces fry Basil contains flavonoids that provide cellular protection. Popular blend: RELIEVES INFLAMMATION Garlic + Olive + Basil= HIGH VITAMIN A oil CONTENT HELPS PROTECT Pesto THE HEART OREGANO Common uses: Health Benefits: 42x 12x Oregano's powerful antioxidants make it more than apples more than oranges Pizza topping great for the immune Salad dressing How does oregano's antioxidant activity stack up against other system. Garlic bread Like basil, oregano is an anti-fungal and inhibits the growth of bacteria. popular sources? Tomato sauces 4x 30x more than blueberries more than potatoes SAGE Common uses: Health Benefits: Pizza topping Chicken Helps reduce inflammation Helps prevent arteries from Helps boost brain function, including Tomato sa uces hardening, reducing the risk of heart from arthritis memory and Fish and asthma. concentration, and may even help ease Alzheimer's Bean dishes attack and stroke. symptoms. ROSEMARY Common uses: Health Benefits: Improves mood Stimulates the Aids concentration immune system French fry Aids pain relief seasoning May help prevent cancer Chicken Boosts circulation Helps ease inflammation Tomato sauces Antibacterial Aids digestion Detoxifies the liver Soup MINT Common uses: Health Benefits: Antibacterial Tea properties Cold beverages Shown to inhibit Smoothies tumor growth Relaxes muscles Entree garnish to relieve lBS and other digestive Salads symptoms Helps clear nasal passages PARSLEY Common uses: Health Benefits: High in Vitamin C & A, making it a great May inhibit antioxidant source Salads cancer growth Natural Reduces appetite inflammation Soups suppressant Sauces Tabbouleh Meat marinade Sources: HealthCentral

The Benefits of Herbs

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Fresh herbs not only taste great, but they boost home cooking with a host of nutrients and flavor.





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