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Beer Myths Debunked

BEER MYTHS DEBUNKED MYTH: brew COLD BREWED TRUTH: Beer /broo/ v Make beer by soaking, boiling, & fermentation. Brewing by definition uses heat. DARK BEER MYTH: IS HEAVIER THAN LIGHT BEER TRUTH: "Dark" and "light" refer to the color, not the weight. The different colors come from the toast of the malted barley. Myth: Fruth: Craft beers are always high in Craft beers can have a wide alcohol content ABV range of percentages. There are craft beers with as little as 4% all the way up to 11% and beyond CRAFT BEER MYTH: MYTH: SHOULDNT Only the best beers add hops three times TRUTH: TRUTH: 3X Almost all modern beer adds hops Bitterness comes from the three times hop content. Hops are in all beers and have varying levels to add flavor and COLD complexity. Myth: FILTERING is Rarely Used MYTH: ВЛЛТ The color of a beer bottle makes no difference for beer storage TRUTH: Most beers are filtered cold to stabilize the flavor. DARK TRUTH: BOTTLES DARK ARE BETTER FOR BEER STORAGE They keep out contaminates like light better. MYTH: SO SOUR UR If a beer is sour it has gone bad TRUTH: If a beer tastes or smells like vinegar, sulfur, or another foul scent, then yes it has expired. Sour beers, on the other hand, are created specifically for their tart, mouth-puckering quality and are very carefully monitored to ensure they achieve the desired flavor. MYTH: BEER SHOULD BE SERVED Ice Cold TRUTH: slight warmth brings out more flavor. ΜΥΤΗ The shape of the glass makes no difference for the taste TRUTH: Beer glasses are specially designed to release the full flavors and aromas of many craft beers LESS FOAM IN MYTH: YOUR BEER IS BETTER TRUTH: 1ST THE FOAM HEAD OF THE BEER STORES CO2 AND AROMATICS, PROVIDING MORE SCENT AND FLAVOR 3 MYTH: WINE BEER VS. WINE IS MORE COMPLEX THAN BEER Truth: Similar to wine, the climate, soil, water, micro nutrients in the air, geography and geology that the hops. malts and yeast are grown in, and the water comes from, all affect the flavor and aroma of the final beer product. Share It **** CHEERS! **** BROUGHT TO YOU BY: |KARL STRAUSS BREWING 98, COMPANY HANDCRAFTED BEER SAN DIEGO, CA Sources: НОPS HOPS HOPS BE BITTER

Beer Myths Debunked

shared by andreso on May 28
Whether you’re a card-carrying member of the über craft beer geek brigade or a casual fan of barley-based beverages, you probably think you know a thing or two about beer. If anything, you’ve und...


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