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Beer from around the world

Beer FROM AROUND THE WORLD THE DRINKING AGE ACROSS THE GLOBE 16 18 19 20 21 N/A OTHER COUNTRIES WITH THE HIGHEST & LOWEST BEER PRODUCTION GERMANY MALTA 95545 127 HL HL 15.235,126 BEERS CONSUMED IN THE WORLD LAST YEAR COUNTRIES WITH THE HIGHEST & LOWEST BEER CONSUMPTION U.S.A. ITALY 111 95545 127 HL HL THE ONE BEER YOU WILL NEED TO TRY BEFORE LEAVING. 10.20% 7.5% BELGIUM U.S.A. WESTVLETEREN XII WYNKOOP ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTER STOUT (ABV 10.20%) Westvleteren XII is produced by (ABV 7.5%) This one probably won't be as tasty as actual Trappist monks at the abbey of Saint Sixtus in the Belgian some of the others on this list, but it sure is up there as far in novelty. countryside. 7.5% 65% JAPAN SCOTLAND HITACHINO NEST ESPRESSO BREWMEISTER ARMAGEDDON STOUT (ABV 65%) (ABV 7.5%) As you can see from its ABV above Aside from being one of the only (and no we did not miss a decimal beers in Japan you might have a shot place) the Brewmeister Armageddon at guessing its main ingredient (hint: is quite possibly the strongest beer it's in bold English on the label) man has ever created. 7.5% 65% GERMANY LATIN AMERICA BENEDICTINE ABBEY WEIHENSTEPHAN BREWERY HAVE WHAT THE LOCALS ARE HAVING Germany is kind of a big deal as far as This might sound like a cop out but beer is concerned. With so many to this golden rule of travel applies most in Latin America than anywhere else. choose from, the "one" thing you will not want to miss is out here is a tour of the oldest brewery in the world. 15.235,126 BREWERIES IN THE WORLD BEWARE OR CELEBRATE THESE DRINKING LAWS. GERMANY U.S.A. During Octoberfest no person is ever It is illegal to send a bottle of beer, to legally drunk - No matter how much anyone in Kentucky - this can result in alcohol they have consumed. a 5-year term in prison IRAN BELGIUM In Iran alcohol is banned entirely. In It is against the law for a pub to sell one case a man who broke the law more than 25% of foreign beer. When four times was sentenced to death. you're as good at making beer as the Belgians, why would you ever want to. SWITZERLAND ENGLAND It is illegal to produce, store, sell or Talk about a catch 22, it is illegal to be trade absinthe but it is not illegal to drunk in a club or pub. consume it. Is this a law or a riddle? SCOTLAND EL SALVADOR Any Scotsman found to be wearing Drunk driving is punishable by death underwear beneath his kilt can be by firing squad. Nuff said. fined two cans of beer. HOW TO SAY - "ONE BEER PLEASE!" IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Isang serbesa, pakiusap! ARABIC CHINESE (MANDARIN) FILIPINO Une bière, s'il vous plait! Mia uripa Ttapakarú! Ein Bier, bitte! FRENCH GERMAN GREEK Beoir amháin, le do thoil! Una birra, per favore! e-LE-#F! IRISH ITALIAN JAPANESE nob jlH Hlq! majQa'! Cervisiam, sodes! KLINGON KOREAN LATIN Jedno piwo, proszę! Uma cerveja, por favor! Пиво, noxanyécta! POLISH PORTUGUESE RUSSIAN Una cerveza, por favor! moja bia tafadhali! En öl, tack! SPANISH SWAHILI SWEDISH AND MORE.. AFRIKAANS ALBANIAN AZERBAIJANI BELARUSIAN BASQUE Garagardo bat, mesedez! 'n Bier, asseblief! Një birrë, ju lutem! bir pive edin! AAHO niBa, kani ласка! BULGARIAN CATALAN Egua 6upa, MONA! Una cervesa, si us edno pivo, molim! plau! CROATIAN CZECH DANISH Pivo, prosím! Jeg vil gerne have en ol! HEBREW ה אחת DUTCH ESTONIAN FINNISH HINDI Üks ölu, palun! Een bier, alsjeblieft! Olut mulle, kiitos! HUNGARIAN ICELANDIC INDONESIAN LATVIAN LITHUANIAN Egy pohár sört kérek! Tolong, satu bir! Einn bjór, takk! Vienu alu, la-dzu! Prašau viena alaus! MALTESE MALAY NORWEGIAN ROMANIAN SARDINIAN Wiehed birra, jekk Beer satu, terima ighogbok! En ol, takk! bere unul va Una birra, po kasih! rugăm să! piaghere! SLOVENE SOMALI STRINE (AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH) SERBIAN THAI JegHO NMBO, MONUM Eno pivo, prosim! no beerka fadlan! Ow Bee-a Neung Bac! Krup Foster's, mate VIETNAMESE Xin cho một ly bia! WELSH Cwrw os gwelwch in dda! TURKISH TWI/ AKAN/ YIDDISH Bir bira, lütfen! FANTE Mame beer baako, mi pawokyew! NONE ILLEGAL

Beer from around the world

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Beer from around the world including drinking ages and how to ask for a beer in almost any language.


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