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Off the Beaten Palette - Adventurous Food to try in SE Asia!

OFF THE BEATEN PALETTE ADVENTUROUS FOODS IN SE ASIA SANG CHEONG SINGAPORE Or, pig's fallopian tubes. The texture is crunchy and springy. Must try with Chung Pao sauce. Adventure Level: HIGH ВЕТАМАХ PHILLIPINES Or, grilled chicken blood. Once the blood cools down and becomes jellylike it is cut into rectangle pieces.This shape resembles Betamax tape, and thus the name. Tastes best with vinegar and chili. Adventure Level: HIGH FRIED BAT THAILAND Bats boiled in water, furs plucked and roasted on charcoal. Chopped meat is mixed with herbs, sugar and spicy paste beore frying. Adventure Level: HIGH BALUT PHILLIPINES A developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten straight from the shell. Often served with beer. Adventure Level: HIGH DOH KHLEM INDIA A simple, Meghalayan pork and onion salad. Just that it is garnished with steamed pig brain. Adventure Level: HIGH PORCUPINE VIETNAM The meat is aromatic, juicy and delicious. It has often been compared to duck meat. Adventure Level: MEDIUM KANG KAEB BAOK CAMBODIA The frogs are usually skinned alive, cleaned out and sundried. People say they taste just like chicken! Can be eaten with rice or as a snack. Adventure Level: MEDIUM DURIAN SINGAPORE The fruit tastes creamy and sweet on the inside. However, the odour is foul and strong and clings everything. It's so pungent that it's not allowed on public transport. Adventure Level: MEDIUM ΚΟΙ ΚΗΑΙ MOD DAENG LAOS The mango leaves red ants eat make them taste tangy. The eggs have a fluffy texture and the smooth taste of butter. Cooked with lemon, mint leaves and freshwater fish sauce. Adventure Level: LOW KOPI LUWAK INDONESIA Asian Palm Chivet eats the coffee cherries. Once digested and excreted, the coffee beans are carefully selected from the feces to provide the richest flavour of coffee. Adventure Level: LOW SOURCES the-weirdest-things-youll-see-in-vietnam/ Getty Images

Off the Beaten Palette - Adventurous Food to try in SE Asia!

shared by adventurer707 on Nov 22
A fun infographic on the top weird and adventurous food you'll find when traveling only in SE Asia. Ranging from Philippines to Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos - go on a culinary adventure reading and ge...


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