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Bamboo-Fed Chicken System

Chimonobambusa Bamboo is the fastest growing wood plant in the world and is its own natural fertilizer. Soil fertilized by bamboo has 3x more earthwoms than other soil, bringing a higher source of protein for chickens. Having free range chicken is more sustainable because it lowers fuel emissions because require transportation for food. does not 'mamore variegata bamboo' UNITED STATES OF AMERICA temperature tolerance 316,789,000 people most obese country 30 28 CHIMONOBAMBUSA Americans eat 200lbs of meat on average per year. They only need half of that! 6 hours per day 26 IDEAL GROWTH 24 MIDWEST NORTHEAST Alabama is among the top 3 poultry-producing states. avg. 29% obese avg. 25.3% obese 22 Maintaining a good diet is exercise and eating right, you can't live a healthy life without practicing both. 20 18 oxygen 35% more than 16 WEST most trees carbon dioxide 14 avg. 24.3% obese 12 nitrogen 10 8 ALABAMA 14.822 millidn 31.1% obese 35.3% 1overweight 6 4 SOUTH 2 average temperature of Alabama avg. 29.5% obese 0°C 2 36 6 34 8 32 30 28 26 14 24 acidic ph soil neutral ph soil bas ic ph soil 22 100 m 20 1 m | 18 16 1400 mm per year 14 12 10 1 hectare = 10 000 m² farm = 20 hectares budding shooting starbursting branching/leafing leaf shedding 4 = 10 m 2 0°C O°C Having antibiotics fed to the animals may be encouraging the development of drug-resistant germs, which resulting in less effective human antibiotics. Bamboo shoots and leaves provide chickens with nutrients prone to preventing diseases, making them stronger. The organic food movement grows by 20% every year because that's what the consumer is staring to want more and more. Big corporatins such as Wal-Mart are taking it on. FEEDING METHOD AND STATE OF ALABAMA'S HEALTH diabetic adults HEALTH BENEFITS fit Russian Orloff Chicken overweight ages 10-17 obese roosters 8 ½ lbs vitamins US obese population hens 6 % Ibs 14 hours More American children are ADE obese high school students per day obese. Type 2 diabetes used to only affect adults. physically inactive flavone amino acids Estrogen homones maintain growth and function of the uterus so that sex organs become adult-sized. Estrogen effects • skeletal growth * protein disposition • electrolyte balance Estrogen dominance (too much estrogen) m,causes •erectile difficulty for men *gain in belly fat •increased male breast tissue 1950 2008 slaughtered at 70 days slaughtered at 48 days polysaccharides chlorophyll • skin •higher risk of prostate cancer * ovary problems for women • tender breasts • earlier puberty for girls as early as 8 or younger •increases chances of breast cancer • fat * weight • height • puberty 40 years ago chickens con- tained 266% less fat and 33% People prefer white meat so chickens now have larger breasts. Chickens suffer medi- lactone more protein. Birds should be grass-fed, not grain-fed. fibre cal problems like humans. April May || June July August September October November December

Bamboo-Fed Chicken System

shared by Lenko on Jan 04
The goal of this project is to create a system to feed chickens bamboo shoots in a healthy, sustainable way. (below is the full description. Click the link so see the full final presentation of the p...


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Amanda Lenko


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