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Bacon: A Pig Product Boars Its Way Into Our Culture

BACON: A PIG PRODUCT BOARS ITS WAY INTO OUR CULTURE HUMBLE ORIGINS: Bacon's Introduction to the World YOU WANT TO DO WHAT TO YOUR BACON? THE BACON EMPIRE MAKIN BACON, AMERICAN STYLE DEATH BY BACON BACON IN THE NEW WORLD SOMETIME BACON: IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER MAKIN' BACON INTHE 1990s Chicken-fried bacon ROMAN ERA Romans eat bacon, which isn't surprising. as pigs are an easily 1131 In 1131, Philip of France, the heir to the French throne, is killed in a stray-pig- hits the scene, allegedly originating in Snook, Texas. Frank Sodolak, who runs Sodolak's Original Country Inn, is often credited with being the first person to sell-and possibly create BACON RULES 1924 Oscar Mayer introduces pre- packaged, pre-sliced bacon to the American 1770s KING PIG domesticated, easily manageable source of food. It's unlikely that the Roman version of bacon (called petaso) is what modern-day 1492 1600s Bacon is relatively easy to make soak the meat in brine or salt to The domesticated pigs John Harris, an Englishman, is often credited with used for bacon are not 1980s-1990s related accident when setting up the first large commercial bacon-making company ever. He opens his company in Wiltshire, still the bacon capital of the United Kingdom. 1950s The United States is home This is the last sane time native to the Americas, so an explorer-many some mobile bacon appar- ently frightens the horse he is riding and the horse throws him from its back Philip dies soon thereafter, and following his death the government tries to ban people from keeping or raising pigs in cities. People mostly ignore the law. in the history of bacon, the last moment when it preserve it-and is a pretty big dietary staple for European peasants, who can't afford other public. Thus begins America's obsession with pig candy. to nearly three million pork-producing companies, churning out billions of pounds of bacon a year. chicken-fried bacon. How does he come up with this? He wants a good believe that explorer to remains a staple protein, a beloved breakfast meat, and nothing more. people fry up with eggs and hash browns, but according to historians, Romans boil petaso with figs, then brown it and eat it seasoned with pepper sauce. be Christopher Columbus, as he brought eight pigs with him on his voyage to Cuba-introduces them to the Americas. appetizer for the two-pound steaks he serves. When the chicken-fried bacon is not enough, he adds a side of dipping gravy. kinds of meat. The highest quality of bacon is smoked. GREASY TYRANNY: From Digital Pork to Just Fucking Stop With the Bacon Already OK, I GUESS ONE WEBSITE ISN'T TOO BAD. YOU ASSHOLES MAKE ME WANT BUT IF THAT'S REALLY A CHICKEN- AND-BACON CUPCAKE TO GO VEGAN SOMEONE DESERVES A DICK PUNCH IF THERE WAS A SHARK, YOU GUYS BACON KEVIN JUMPED IT ABOUT A MILE BACK NOW THAT'S 2005 REALLY? A BACON ALARM CLOCK? BACON IS SO META IT'S ALMOST COOL . JUST DANGEROUS TODAY Bacon is everywhere. It is in everything. There are bacon under- pants and talking bacon dolls, bacon-scented air fresheners, bacon cookies, bacon candy, and entire restaurants dedicated to nothing but the cooking and serving of increasingly esoteric bacon-related dishes. Bacon has officially taken over the world. And now it has to stop. Heather Lauer- author of Bacon: A Love Story launches the website IN WHAT? On it, she profiles crazy bacon trends. WAIT, YOU WANT TO PUT BACON AND MY SALT, TO0? PLEASE CHRISTMAS 2008 NOVEMBER 2010 STOP Jason Day and Aaron Chronister invent the OCTOBER 2010 Mike Lahue, an artist from Pennsylvania, creates a larger-than-life bust of Kevin Bacon out of ... bacon, of course. Recipes for savory bacon- chicken cupcakes start MARCH 2009 Three young men engineer an alarm clock that cooks bacon to wake you instead of using an actual alarm. The bacon begins cooking 10 minutes before the alarm SUMMER 2009 2007 "bacon explosion"- The son of bouncing around the Internets, igniting a discus- sion of whether this whole 2008 The Bakon Vodka JANUARY 2007 Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow found J&D's Foods in Seattle, a company that produces, amone other things, Bacon Salt, a family on Chocolate-covered bacon, two pounds of bacon bacon lollipops, bacon- flavored breath mints, bacon ice cream, and company is founded and begins selling bacon-infused vodka, so people can make "carnivorous cocktails." The producers describe the wrapped around a core of Italian sausage and Wife Swap freaks out bacon thing has gone too far. Bacon doesn't care. when his health-conscious mommy-for-a-week begins throwing out the family's junk food. The final straw comes when she tosses out his bacon. The little boy cries, "Bacon is good for mel" Then he tries to bacon bits. The world The bacon bust is sealed with five coats of lacquer so it won't ever decom- goes fucking nuts for it. scratch-and-sniff bacon tuxedos. All these prod- ucts and more are avail- would go off, so you there- fore wake to the calming scent of bacon and not a BAKON pose. able for those who just can't get enough bacon in their lives. Or those who really already have too clanging alarm. vodka as having the "savory Baconnaise, Bacon Lip Balm, and Bacon Lube. They start the company with $5,000 they much. won on America's Funniest Home Videas. taste of bacon." run away. SEATTLEWEEKLY

Bacon: A Pig Product Boars Its Way Into Our Culture

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Bacon was once called the “most politically incorrect food in the culinary world,” according to Business Week. The greasy bits of heaven that have been served up with eggs or with lettuce and toma...


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