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Bacon by the Numbers

BACON Bythe Numbers Business Week called bacon "the most politically incorrect food in the culinary world." The Talmud and Koran prohibit eating bacon (at least bacon made from pork) and we all know it is loaded with animal fat, nitrates and salt. But it tastes so good! Join us as we take a look at some of the numbers behind bacon. I'm too cute to eat! Tie bucon producud by the averugy piy is But I don't blame you. 220 230 235 240 15% 225 5 30 35 40 s" I'm just too tasty! So eat me! total body weight. The average pig= Is this why we're fat? American per- capita consumption of bacon is a 230 lbs. Or 35 Ibs. of bacon! huge 17.9 Ibs. per person! Americans consume more than $2,000,000,000.00 in bacon each year. More than 121,000,000 pigs are slaughtered in the United States every year. 53% Iowa is the top pork producing state. At any given time, 19 million pigs are being raised there, and 30 million are raised every year in Iowa. of households in the The Gulf of Mexico has a "dead zone" the size of the state of New Jersey, due United States have bacon on hand at any given time. in in part to pig farm- from the Mississippi River. According to the National Pork Board, U.S. pork consumption has risen over the last ten years due to restaurants adding bacon to meals other than breakfast, such as bacon complementaing salads, sandwiches, and baked potatoes. Wendy's offers their "Baconator" hamburger in single, double and triple varieties... Nutrition Facts The triple burger offers a whopping Single 1330 86 Sodum 10 mg Nutrition Fac Double calories & a massive Nutrition Facts Triple grams of fat! prane Chusterl 8 hamburgers on Wendy's menu feature bacon as an ingredient. Sources:,,,,,,,

Bacon by the Numbers

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Bacon was once called the “most politically incorrect food in the culinary world,” according to Business Week. The greasy bits of heaven that have been served up with eggs or with lettuce and toma...


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