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Bacon-Based Tourism

REPUBLIC OF BACON.COM BACON BASED TOURISM What tasty variations can the bacon-reliant traveler expect out there? Germany (as well as Austria and Switzerland) • Speck is cured, heavily smoked, air-dried pig belly or side that is eaten fried or used in cooking. United Kingdom and Ireland I 7 Grilled or fried bacon are included in the traditional full breakfast. An individual slice of bacon is a rasher, or oc- Made with speck: German bacon cookies! • Bauchspeck is "air-cured birch-smoked pig belly popular in southern Switzerland and south- Canada D O An individual slice of bacon is a slice or strip. In Canada: • Back bacon refers to either smoked or unsmoked bacon cut from the boneless eye of pork loin. (Called Canadian bacon in the United States). western Austria." casionally a collop. In this region, bacon comes in a wide variety of cuts and flavors. Italy I • Pancetta is typically dry-cured, unsmoked, spiced, dry-aged pig belly with streaks of lean meat, but you can also find a smoked version. • Peameal bacon is back bacon, brined and coated in fine cornmeal (historically, it was rolled in a meal made from ground dried peas). • Guanciale is dry-cured and smoked pig jowl and cheek popular in Southern Itallian dishes. • Lardo is dense, white, delicate fat from pig rump cured for months with salt, spices, and herbs and served raw paper-thin on toasted bread. France I • Lard salé is cured slab of pig belly with or without streaks of lean meat; used mainly in cooking and particularly for the popular bistro dish petit salé (salt pork with lentils). • When diced these are called lardons which are popular in salads and dishes like quiche lorraine. Hungary P Many butcher shops sell thick slabs of bacon strips already cooked and ready to eat fora snack. Fatty bacon is delectable. United States • Garlic bacon is soaked in a garlic saline solution for five days, dry-cured in salt, coated with beef blood and paprika, and heavily smoked to dry-bum the coating. TA side of unsliced bacon was once known as a flitch and it is now known as a slab. An individual slice of bacon is a slice or strip. • Lop yuk (Chinese bacon) is air-cured with soy sauce, brown sugar, and spices for seven to ten days till mellow and very hard, or cured for four days, then smoked about five hours. China American bacons include varieties smoked with hickory or corncobs and flavorings such as red pepper, molasses, and occasionally cinnamon. Japan O 1 In Japan, bacon (X-a) is pronounced "beikon". It is cured and smoked belly meat as in the US, but is usually shorter. There are also other kinds of "bacon" made from the shoulder and loin. The uncured belly slices, known as bara (15), are used in a variety of dishes. Japanese - 私 は ベーコン を 食べ て も いい か 。 Many Bacon in Languages Australia and New Zealand * Middle bacon is the most common variety and are sold in "rashers". Top 10 Pork Middle bacon includes the streaky, fatty section along with the loin at one end. Portuguese - Posso eu ter algum bacon? Producing Countries 2010 French - Est-ce que je peux prendre du l Dutch - Kan ik wat Bacon hebben? English - Can Spanish - ¿Puedo tener un poco 4.Brazil 5.Russia 9.Philippines 1.China German - Kann ich etwas Spec Italian - Posso avere certa pancetta affumicata? Korean- 나는 약간 베이컨 이 있어서 좋은가 ? 2 Russian- Mогу я иметь некоторый бекон? Greek-Μπορ να έχω κάποιο μπέικον: 3. USA Vietnam 2.EU-27 Japan 10. Mexico

Bacon-Based Tourism

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See what tasty bacon variations exist around the world


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