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Asian Dining Etiquette Series: Dining in Japan

ASIAN DINING ETIQUETTE O JAPAN "Itadakimasu" Say "itadakimasu" just before you eat. It means "I gratefully receive." When drinking soup, NEVER pour your own drink. Top up the glasses of people seated around you. lift the bowl to your mouth and sip. When dipping sushi in soy, turn it over so that only the meat touches the sauce. NEVER eat sushi Use opposite end of chopsticks to take food from a shared plate. NEVER mix wasabi in more than one bite. into your soy sauce. "Gochisosama deshita' NEVER raise your food above your mouth. Cleaning your plate down to the last grain of rice is considered proper Japanese dining etiquette. Say "gochisosama deshita" after you've finished. This means "I thank you for the meal". Sources: gourmet Society PHILIPPI NES f GourmetSocietyPH @GourmetPH O GourmetSocietyPH

Asian Dining Etiquette Series: Dining in Japan

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One of the reasons that Japan is such a fascinating place is because of how strictly they uphold their ceremonies. Everything and everyone has a proper place, and woe to you if you forget it. Uh-oh, d...


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