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Around the World in Weird Crisp Flavours

AROUND THE WORLD IN WEIRD CRISP FLAVOURS NORTH AMERICA MAPLE MOCSE CHICKEN & VWAFFLES PIZZA Allegedly this flavour comes from soaking the potatoes in a Mutant Ninja Turtle's old bath Put these in the freezer From the creators of to ensure maximum 'cheese-in-a-can' and Canadian patriotism, 'corndogs' comes another culinary monstrosity. eh? water. SOUTH AMERICA NATURAL WITH PLANTAIN ANDEAΝ ΝΑTIVE DESSERT It turns out that humans Chips, Doritos, pork scratchings, sometimes a bonus cookie. Why not. Why use a potato when you can use a large green starchy variety of banana. were saltier than anticipated. AFRICA STEERS MONKEY ROAST GOAT КЕВАВ ON GLAND SAUCE CHARCOAL According to the packet, this is also the taste of 50 years of No monkeys were After the pyramids, harmed in the charcoal infused kebab production of this potato-based snack. flavouring was the next big challenge. freedom. EUROPE PROSECCO & CHEESE BURGER RED CAVIAR ELDERBERRY One step closer to a future where entire The luxuries of the elite, Britain's ostentatious snobbery meets their admiration for fatty now available for meals are served in pill format. working-class comrades. snacks. ASIA MINT MISCHIEF CHICKEN AND PEPSI ОСТОPUS If mint is mischievous, PepsiCo owns Lays, so this might make sense in an alternate Octopus shape, octopus vindaloo flavour must be flavour. downright vicious. Disappointingly, more than 8 in the packet. universe. OCEANIA VEGEMITE VEGEMITE SUNDAY ROAST LIME & BLACK РЕPPER * Vegemite: you either like it or you dislike it... Winner of a 2010 taste There's a reason these aren't in the mainstream limelight. test, so who are we to judge? Sources: express VENDING "Refreshing People'

Around the World in Weird Crisp Flavours

shared by expressvendinguk on Feb 22
From caviar to chicken and waffles, the world is filled with curious varieties of fried potato-based snacks.


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