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Around The World In 80 Glasses - Wine Tastings From Every Continent

AROUND THE WORLD United States- IHATERST SOUE N° 1 00 GLASSES texas & The grapes . THINGS TO NOTE are big and brich8 Canada NUMBER OF TEXAS WINERIES TEXAS WINE INDUSTRY ECONOMIC IMPACT Time * determined by sugar, acid, and tannin levels. Winemakers will harvest grapes depending on the style of wine they are making. harvest is determined by the fruit's ripeness which is fortugal 200 BILLION S Canada's two major wine regions, Ontario and British Columbia, are China * Harvest timetables can be affected by weather 2,000 miles apart. Because of its frigid winters, Canada is the world's leading producer of icewine. Icewine, or eiswein, is made from frozen Riesling and vidal blanc grapes picked during sub-freezing (17.6F) temperatures. The result is delicious wine with high sugar and acid * Northern Hemisphere: Wine harvest is between August and October 220 Icewine * PROVCER The small coastal country on the lberian Peninsula is the birthplace of sweet complex wine fortified with brandy now known as Port. Until the 1960's, Port was made by crushing by hand--or foot--in cement troughs. * Southern Hemisphere: Wine harvest is between February and April -%$4133 M 2001 2009 2013 Far cut wine °from the Far East 2001 2011 concentration. China is the second-biggest consumer of high-priced wine ($10+ expensive in China) Arica Humgary * Get Hungary fer winel e &, Virginia is for wine lovers Bth Fifth largest wine producer in the world virqinia There are 231 wineries and 386 vineyards strew across Virginia, from the Shenandoah Valley to Virginia Beach to the center of Appalachia. Scuth Africa, austainable g Largest red wine consumer - 155 million nine-liter cases. mecca 386 231 Hungary's wine production is growing in leaps and barrels. This year saw a 44 percent jump to 2.62 million hectoliters of wine produced. VINEVARDS WINERIES Approximately 60% of South Africa's wine producers have signed up to the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) which advocates sustainable wine production. JAustralia Virginia is known for its Viognier, a grape that produces curvaceous white wines with a nice minerality. Think of it as chardonnay all grown-up. 144% = Less popular but just as delicious are Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys, known for their Cabernet Sauvignons and Zinfandels, respectively. Pack for warm afternoons and chilly evenings as the Russian River and the famous Pacific Ocean fog cool down the temperature considerably. Unique to South Africa is Pinotage, a grape made by crossing a cinsaut and pinot noir. 2.62 million califrnia hectoliters AUSTRALIAN RED WINE GRAPES Wine Tastings From Every Continent Argentina CRUSHED IN 2013 SHIRAZ 432 CABERNET SAUVIGNON 250 MERLOT 132 Sure there's Napa Valley in California, Bordeaux fields in Southwest France, and sun-drenched vines in Italy, but there are many less-popular wine regions oenophiles should visit to slake their thirst. Take the roads less traveled If you're not in the mood for wine country but still have a yen for some red and white, check out Oakland's urban wineries across San Francisco Bay. Malbec - Native to Bordeaux but thought to have developed better in Argentina, malbec grapes account for only a small percentage of red Bordeaux (less than 10 percent) while it is made into its own wine if grown in Argentina. QUE SHIRAZ, SYRAH.PETITE SIRAH? PINOT NOIR 42 GRAPE GROWN IN FLAVOR PROFILE TON X1000 100 200 300 400 Spicy, rich fruit-forward uwdahington SHIRAZ Australia The Walla Walla wine region is known for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignons, and ONIONS. Walla Walla onions can be as sweet as apples and pair well with regional reds. and go on a wine- inspired adventure. HECTOLITERS 75% MILLION More subtle and balanced than its Australian twin with an SOURCES 10 11.8 SYRAH Frances Rhone Valley Wine Bible winenustralia com - http//bit ly/InPMTzt abenews go com - http// nycdailynews com - http://nydn us/lerUNLD wine-searcher com - http//bitly/TrWN2D bbr com - http://bitly/lgebcUU winefolly com http //bit ly/1Zwhk 15 bloomberg com - http//bloom bg/X7KXHW ineinstitute org http//bit ly/1pn earthy taste dacovercaliforns co pROckp Washington State vineyards were immune from the Phylloxera plague that ravished and destroyed vineyards around the world. Sandy soil, cold winters, and wide dispersal of the state's vineyards prevented and limited contamination. Argentina accounts for 75% of Malbec grown world-wide. Flavor Profile: Big. Bold. with jammy fruits and good tannins - http //bit ly1Asoo woe http//bit ly1pzh3CP yahoo com/lood-http //yhoo it/1hR:ORD goteanwine org http//bitly/luChchK http//bit ly/apoMAe PETITE SIRAH California 2012 2013 (Most likelyit is a cross between syral and peloursin) www.PERSONALWINE.COM

Around The World In 80 Glasses - Wine Tastings From Every Continent

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Go on a wine-inspired adventure through some of the lesser known wine regions around the world. From Texas to Australia this infographic is full of information about great areas to visit for some of t...


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