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Around the World in 20 Big Macs

the World in 20 The One and Only Often imitated, but never duplicated; the iconic Big Mac is the standard to which other burgers aspire. Introduced in 1967, it is now available in over 100 countries. However - every country sources its ingredients differently or has different food laws it must adhere to, meaning that not every Big Mac is the same around the world. Let's take a look at them, starting with the original... The Original USA Big Mac 540 kCal 25g Protein 46g Carbs 28g Fat 2.3g Salt $3.99 “Healthiness" Okay so there's no such thing as a healthy Big Mac, but Israel's version contains no cheese due to the country's Kosher food laws. As a result, Israel's Big Macs are ever so olightly healthier than the average. ISRAEL MOST HEALTHY COMPARED TO ORIGINAL (USA) BIG MAC 379 kCal* -161 26g Protein +1 36g Carbs -5 14.4g Fat* -13.6 1.5g Salt -0.8 LOWEST CALORIES $4.83 (+$0.84) LOWEST FAT At the other end of the spectrum is Egypt's take on the Big Mac, which has the highest calories, carbs and fat of any Big Mac we analysed. EGYPT LEAST HEALTHY COMPARED TO ORIGINAL (USA) BIG MAC 604 kCal +64 31g Protein 9 +6 52g Carbs +6 30g Fat +2 1.2g Salt -1.1 $1.46 (-$2.53) O HIGHEST CALORIES, PROTEIN, FAT & CARBS LOWEST SALT Why So Calorific? It's simple really, the average weight of a Big Mac in Egypt is 234g, which is around 10% heavier than the world average! Interestingly, Egypt's burgers have the lowest salt content of any we analysed. World 215g Egypt 234g Bite Size Facts Argentina is the only country where McDonald's burgers are cooked on coals, not fried, resulting in a lower calorie, lower fat Big Mac. Price Lowest Highest COMPARED TO ORIGINAL (USA) BIG MAC EGYPT SWEDEN $1.46 $5.40 • RUSSIA BRAZIL $2.00 $5.15 S. ÁFRICA AUSTRALIA $2.14 $5.05 • $3.99 The cost of living in Sweden can make a trip to McDonald's an expensive experience, whereas in Egypt, you could buy three Big Macs for the same price! Bite Size Facts Because cows are sacred to Hindus, McDonald's in India do not serve beef in their Big Macs. Instead, the regional equivalent, the "Maharajah Mac" is made with chicken patties. Protein For a country that loves its meat, the amount of protein in an American Big Mac, even with its two patties, is surprisingly low. In fact, amongst all the Big Macs we analysed, only Canada's had less protein! CANADA COMPARED TO ORIGINAL (USA) BIG MAC 520 kCal -20 24g Protein O -1 45g Carbs -1 28g Fat 2.4g Salt +0.1 $4.50 (+$0.51) LOWEST PROTEIN 25g Protein 31g Protein Unsurprisingly, Egypt also wins the prize for having the highest protein Big Mac around the world. Hardly a shock, considering it's bigger than the average Big Mac. At a Glance ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA 505 520 kCal 26g 26.9g Protein 45g 37.4g Carbs 27g 28.6g Fat 2.4g 2.5g Salt $2.58 (-$1.41) $5.05 (+$1.06) BRAZIL CANADA 502 520 kCal 27g 24g Protein 45g 45g Carbs 25g 28g Fat 2.6g 2.4g Salt $5.15 (+$1.16) $4.50 (+$0.51) DENMARK EGYPT 503 604 kCal 26g 31g Protein 42g 52g Carbs 25g 30g Fat 2.1g 1.2g Salt $4.52 (+$0.53) $1.46 (-$2.53) FRANCE HONG KONG 510 496 kCal 27g 25.6g Protein 41g 42.7g Carbs 26g 24.6g Fat 2.2g 2.3g Salt $4.66 (+$0.67) $2.99 (-$1.00) ISRAEL ITALY 379 509 kCal 26g 27g Protein 369 42g Carbs 14.4g 26g Fat 1.5g 2.2g Salt $4.83 (+$0.84) $4.84 (+$0.85) JAPAN МЕXICO 524 513 kCal 26g 26g Protein 41.5g 51g Carbs 28.3g 29g Fat 2.5g 2.2g Salt $3.54 (-$0.45) $2.81 (-$1.18) NEW ZEALAND RUSSIA 536 503 kCal 26.6g 26g Protein 39.1g 42g Carbs 29.3g 25g Fat 1.8g 2.1g Salt $2.91 (-$1.08) •$2.00 (-$1.99) S. AFRICA S. KOREA 511 514 kCal 27.1g 26g Protein 40.5g 35g Carbs 25.9g 29g Fat 2.9g 2.4g Salt $2.14 (-$1.85) $4.50 (+$0.51) SPAIN SWEDEN 521 507 kCal 26g 26g Protein 44g 42g Carbs 26g 26g Fat 1.9g 2.3g Salt $4.73 (+$0.74) • $5.40 (+$1.41) UK USA 508 540 kCal 26g 25g Protein 43g 46g Carbs 25g 28g Fat 2.5g 2.3g Salt $4.17 (+$0.18) $3.99 A Global Menu Big Macs around the world vary considerably to cater for local tastes, laws and religions. But the wider menu is even more varied. Check out some of the more unusual McDonald's burgers available around the world... Homestyle Pickled Red Onion Teriyaki McBurger McLobster CANADA DENMARK JAPAN Bulgogi BBQ Burger The McPicanha SOUTH KOREA BRAZIL The McNifica The Boerie Double The Big Brekkie ARGENTINA SOUTH AFRICA AUSTRALIA Sources:,, Brought to you by Amica Big Macs

Around the World in 20 Big Macs

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The Big Mac Index has long been a tongue-in-cheek economic metric that relates to Purchasing Power Parity. The price of a Big Mac in different countries is a surprisingly indicative measurement of qua...


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