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Are Cereals Really Good For You?

Guideline Daily Amouynts Cereals with the Highest Calorie Content Cereal Numbers 2000 90g 70g 20g 6g 50 100 150 200 250 Banana Nut Crunch calories sugar fat saturates salt The US consumes Smart Start Healthy Heart 1.35 billion kg of cereal a year Oatmeal Crisp Crunchy Almond Highest Sugar Content Shredded Wheat Equivalent Grape Nuts Raisin Bran Crunch 22% Marketing Butter Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size That's 160 bowls of cereal GDA 20g Cookie Basic 4 per person Raisin Bran Crunch Smart Start Healthy Wheat Chex Snickers Bar :190 kcal Chocolate 19% Heart Pudding Colean Cereal 49% GDA 17g of Americans start their day Cereals marketed to Highest Carb Content Highest Fat Content Oatmeal Crisp Crunch children contain 85% with cereal Canned 18% GDA more sugar Frosted Mini-Wheats Banana Crunch Post 16g Pineapple 21% 8.5% GDA 48g бg GDA Advertising to children Oatmeal Crisp Crunchy 21% GDA Grape Nuts 7.1% Almond General Mills Kelloggs Post $107m Honey Smacks 48g 17% GDA Shortbread Cookie $39m 5g GDA 15g $10m Oatmeal Crisp Crunchy Almond 46g Smart Start Healthy Quaker 4.3% GDA $<0.2m 20% GDA Heart 3д Apple Jacks Apple Pie Smart Start Healthy Heart 17% 20% GDA 4.3% Reese's Puffs Americans buy 2.7 million boxes of cereal a year. When lined up that's the equivalent of the distance to the moon and back GDA 15g GDA 46g 3д 19% Raisin Bran Crunch 4.3% Cinnamon Toast Crunch A chocolate milkshake GDA 45g GDA 3g from a fast-food restaurant contains on average 17gaf sugar NGF Are Cereals Really Good For You! Only auto-manufacturers spend more on advertising than cereal manufacturers An investigation in the US has found that breakfast cereals which are marketed at children contain more sugar per serving than a jam doughnut does. Those cereals, have 85 percent more sugar, 65 percent less fiber, and 60 percent more sodium than those aimed at adults, according to a report from Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. Next Generation Food Source: Yale University's Rudd Center A Calorie Counter All values are for typical serving sizes

Are Cereals Really Good For You?

shared by maggie on Apr 19
Quite a few us really rely on our morning bowl to get us going. We know that the marshmallow filled sugar-fests aren't the best things for our hearts, but what about all the supposedly healthy cereal...


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