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Apples to Oranges: The Final Comparison

ARPLES TO ORANGES THE FINAL COMPARISON Apples and Oranges. Some say they cannot be compared. Yet the experts at and have done just that. By harnessing the power of research, analysis, and visual communication, we will show that there can truly be. .only one. The Pie Chart 26% America's Favorite Pie (by percentage) As you can see, the orange is not even on the chart because orange pie is primarily the domain of weirdos and culinary sadists. (sorry Granny!) Winner: APPLES ORANGES Apple or Orange Juice Consumption Orange Juice 74 Ibs per capita Apple Juice 27 lbs per capita It looks as if orange juice is the clear winner, but first lets take this chart into the 3rd dimension for a deeper understanding. As you can clearly see, only the science of 3D can reveal that apple juice is indeed greater. Winner: APPLES ORANGES These have been only one-off comparisons. Let's take a look at the full break down of fruit attributes using a comparative table. Positive and Negative Attributes of Fruit Control Fruit Criteria Apples Oranges (Pear) Healthy and nutritious Keeps doctor away Doesn't have a gross'navel' + Curries favor with teachers Easy to peel Can eat without peeling Rhymes with stuff Easy to make juice with Makes apple juice Goes with peanut butter Doesn't have stringy stuff+ Grows in the garden of Eden + Total -6 When tallying all the attributes of fruit, apples are clearly more beneficial. The control fruit ends up with 0 as expected. Winner: APPLES ORANGES Now let's hear what the experts have to say. We went to the Yakima Valley region in Washington state, home to some of the most productive apple orchards, to see which fruit these experts preferred. Apples or Oranges? 91% 9% Apples Oranges We then went to Orange County in southern California, the eponymous citrus mecca, to ask them the same question. Apples or Oranges? SECTION 420 Apples Oranges No Thanks Brah Clearly there is more consensus amongst Apple experts than the fractured fringe of the Orange establishment. Winner: APPLES ORANGES Deeper probing have revealed some troubling facts about this nefarious fruit. Not only is it one of the four common words that do not rhyme, but there are violent messages contained within it's letters. ORANGE JUICE REJOICE, A GUN! Disturbing: M APPLES ORANGES Apples and oranges are both massive money makers, but which business pulls in the most cash? 2010 Revenue: $63.5 Billion $44 Million These are just meaningless numbers. Let's infographicalize this data! FF 9550 If this circle is revenues FF 95594731 A F6 w EHAT. e reM NOTE Then this circle is revenues. Hint: It's too big and awesome for this infographic Big Winner: O APPLES ORANGES Using infographic wizardry, we have just proven that while apples and oranges can be compared, there is actually, no comparison. Take it from Sir Isaac“Big Friz" Newton, Sheeeit, not only did apples invent gravity, but they'll also split thine wig! visual ly +T+TT+E+TT++T- ++++ T -++T++++*

Apples to Oranges: The Final Comparison

shared by jess on Apr 18
Comparing apples to oranges is like comparing hyperbole to cliche. Who really wins in the ubiquitous comparison of the century? Find out the winner when these fruits go head to head.




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