Appetite for Description: A feast of words – that describe food.

GRUBHUB PRESENTS: APPETITE FOR DESCRIPTION From our watery mouths flows a torrent of exaggeration so hyper-enormous it can only be called, uh, mega-colossal. Here be the words that make us want to open wide and shovel in. WORDS OVER AMERICA In the land where the mighty horn of plenty doth blow, here are the words we look to to answer the call. MASSIVE M ONSTER GIGANTIC WORLD-FAMOUSMEGA HUGE EXTREME TASTIEST SMOTHERED TOWERWHOPPING BLAZIN LARCESTENORMOUS FLAMIN'GARGANTJAN BIGGEST SPICIEST GIANT COLOSSAL JUMBO VERBAL MANTASIES Nothing says, "I am man," like housing a hot platter at the table of gut-bustin' fortitude. That's probably why men, in total, are 19% more likely to go for foods featuring these words. 57% 42% 19% 13% 16% BLAZIN' COLOSSAL SMOTHERED TASTIEST WORLD-FAMOUS EXTREME DESCRIPTOR THE HEFTY PLENTIES Presenting the top five food adjectives and the sweet eats they best seep their grammatical grease into. t JUMBO FEATURED IN SHRIMP WINGS 15,000 M ENU ITEMS BURGER When America hungers fer gargantuan heft, jumbo's the word. SMOTHERED 2 PIZZA FEATURED IN BURRITO FRIES 6,000 MENU ITEMS When slathered, dunked or drowned just ain't enough. 3 GIA NT FEATUR ED IN BURRITO PIZZA 1,400 MENU ITEMS Blame Jack perhaps, but Americans love slayin' giants. COOKIE 6. FEATUR ED IN PIZZA SUBMARINE SANDWICH 1,300 MENU ITEMS BURGER When any ol' hunk o'delite gets called "the best," we're there to do our worst. 5 MONSTER PIZZA SUBMARINE FEATURED IN SANDWICH MAKI 1,100 MENU IT EMS From Billy Crystal to neon taurine brew, America loves its monsters. grubHub happy eating Numbers are approximate and based on GrubHub orders placed between 1/1/2013-07/10/13. EPIC % MORE LIKELY THAN WOMEN

Appetite for Description: A feast of words – that describe food.

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America’s hankerin’ to feast at the banquet-table of untempered indulgence is well documented by words. More specifically, the descriptive words most used to draw eyes, tempt stomachs, and propel ...




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