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Anatomy of a Turducken

ANATOMY of a TURDUCKEN TURKEY DUCK CHICKEN A turducken is a dish consisting chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey with stuffing separat- ing the layers. Turducken is a form of engastration, a recipe method in which one animal is stuffed inside of another. Gastronomist Grimod de La Reynière creat- ed rôti sans pareil without of a or "roast equal". Unlike modern engastrations there was no stuffing placed in between the birds. Some of the birds used are endangered today. HOW TO PREPARE A TURDUCKEN TURKEY DUCK CHICKEN PREHEAT 500° 23 LBS. LBS. < 3 LBS. ADD DRESSING BETWEEN LAYERS TOTAL TURDUCKEN TIME 16 HRS BUSTARD stuffed with a.. TURKEY PREP BRINE COOK NAP stuffed with a. TIME TURDUCKEN MAKEUP ROAST AT 15 MINUTES GOOSE 500° stuffed with a. TURKEY FINISH AT 3 HRS. 77 % 225° PHEASANT VIA PAULA DEEN & FOODNETWORK.COM stuffed with a. CHICKEN CHICKEN 10 % stuffed with a.. DUCK DUCK 13% stuffed with a.. GOODUCKEN GUINEA FOWL When Goose is substituted for Turkey, the result is called Gooducken stuffed with a. TEAL stuffed with a. WOODCOCK stuffed with a. TOTAL SERVING SIZE PARTRIDGE 25 SERVINGS stuffed with a.. that's equal to. 2.7 BRADY BUNCHES *includes Alice PLOVER stuffed with a.. LAPWING stuffed with a.. QUAIL PEABODY RE UNIVERSTE GEORGE FOSTER PEABODY stuffed with a. fig 14 AWA RD SCALE COMPARISONS THRUSH stuffed with a. LARK stuffed with a.. ORTOLAN BUNTING PEABODY PULITZER EMMY OSCAR stuffed with a.. "IT'S THE TURDUCKEN because it's an Oscar wrapped in an Emmy OF AWARDS" When Stephen Colbert won the 2007 Peabody he declared it the "Turducken of awards" GARDEN WARBLER wrapped in a Pulitzer.* stuffed with a. – Stephen Colbert, April 2, 2008 *which seems to defy known laws of physics (see fig 1A) OLIVE MADDEN John Madden popu- larized the Turduck- en by talking about it on the air during the Thanksgiving Classic IN 1997 Grimod de La Reynière's "ROAST WITHOUT EQUAL" 1807 HAPPY THANKSGIVING from your friends at banyan @banyancom FORGIA

Anatomy of a Turducken

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving we'd like to share our take on the TURDUCKEN




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