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The Anatomy of a Factory Farmed Turkey

FOWL PLAY Typically, the purpose of selective breeding is to combine two genetically superior members of the same species in order to pass the desirable traits along to their offspring. But when it comes to commercial turkeys on factory The Anatomy of a Factory Farmed Turkey farms, what is ultimately produced are pathologically obese, weak, but quick-growing creatures ready for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Abnormal Size and Growth The average weight of today's commercially raised turkey at the time of slaughter is 29 pounds-121 percent greater than the average turkey in 1929. On top of that, they grow twice as fast as their predecessors did. If the rate continues, we could see the average turkey weight reach 40 pounds by 2020. Clipped Upper Beak Farmers clip their turkeys' beaks in order to prevent them from hurting or killing each other in the confined spaces. Heart and Lung Disease Because they grow large so rapidly, the hearts and lungs of factory farmed turkeys can't support the rest of their bodies at the same rate, resulting in congestive heart and lung disease. White Feathers Over the years, the majority of turkeys have been bred to have white feathers, which have finer shafts that are less visible when plucked and prepared. Flightless Wings Due to their immense weight and swollen joints, commercial turkeys can't fly like their wild predecessors. Artificially Inseminated Not only do commercial turkeys rely on artificial insemination for genetic manipulation, it's considered a better option because mature male turkeys are often too large to achieve traditional fertilization without causing injury to hens. Crippled Feet and Swollen Joints Forced into cramped spaces and engineered to grow quicker, factory farmed turkeys can't bear their own weight, which causes feet and joint problems. ...... The 2011 U.S. Turkey Market 248.1 MILLION: 16.5 POUNDS: $4.5 BILLION: Number of turkeys raised Per capita consumption of turkeys Estimated gross income from turkey sales SOURCES: ethical ocean USDA // WASHINGTONPOST.COM // WIRED.COM // NYTIMES.COM // ADOPTATURKEY.COM AMERICAN LIVESTOCK BREEDS CONSERVANCY

The Anatomy of a Factory Farmed Turkey

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Nearly 250 million turkeys were raised in the US last year alone. The insatiable market, which was $4.5 billion in 2011, has led to significant changes in the industry to breed and raise more fowl qui...


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