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The Anatomy of a Cupcake

ΑNA ΤOΜΥ Вму Cpcakes Americans love their cupcakes. And despite a crumbling economy, U.S. cupcake sales have tripled since 2007. Yet, the familiar ingredients of these treats aren't as sweet and simple as we think. From flour explosions to Norway's butter crisis, the politics and science behind this little treat can blow your mind. Consider the complex anatomy of your cupcake: CAKE 1/2 CUP Butler A fad low-carb, high-fat diet has induced a BUTTER SHORTAGE IN NOR WAY: 1000 TONS Norwegians bought 1,Ø00 T ONS more butter in 2011 than they normally do Prices have reached $518 for 4 sticks of butter (U.S. supermarkets charge around $2.1Ø for 4 sticks of butter) 550 LBS An underground butter trade has grown with made against strings of arrests BUTTER SMUGGLERS Two men were arrested for SMUGGLING 55Ø POUND S OF BUTTER across the Swedish border 2/3 CUP Granulatad Whte Sugen Central America exports more than 1 MILLI ON TONS|PER OF SUGAR ΥΕΑR Central American workers are experiencing an EPIDEMIC OF CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (CKD) from exposure to chemicals and other dangerous sugar harvesting conditions CKD is killing more men in Central America than HIV/AIDS, LEUKEMIA, & DIABETES combined CKD AIDS/HIV Leukemia Diabetes 3LARGE Eggs US produced more than 6.5 BILLION EGGS in 2010 The US egg industry was worth $6.52 BILLION Equivalent to the total GDP OF in 2010 NICAR AGUA 11/2 CUP AU Puspose Flour Flour is HIGHLY EXPL OSIVE WMHEN SUSPENDED IN THE AIR, more explosive than coal dust In the last 40 years there have been OVER 600 FLO UR EXPLOSIONS 666 resulting in ΥER 250 DEATHS & 1,ØØØ INJURIES 11/2 TSP alang Soda Bakang, Soda Is a key ingredient in CRACK COCAINE ated Has many uses from a substitute for: TOOTHPASTE DEODORANT BALM FOR to EXTINGUISHING BUG BITES FIRES on the BBQ grill 1/4 TSP Salt World salt production exceeds 200 MILLION A TONS YEAR Salt prices soared by 6ØØ% during China's salt hoarding scare in reaction to Japan's Fukushima plant disaster Believing salt would lessen radiation effects, some shoppers bought up to 5-YEAR SUPPLIES 1/4 CUP Kilko Dairy industry spends ΟΥΕR $18Ο MILLICON annually on advertising campaigns such as "Got Milk?" and the milk mustache The MILK MUST ACHEhas been sported by myriads of famous icons from the Peanuts gang to former President Clinton FROSTING FOOD Coloring Has been shown to INCREASE HYPERACTIVITY in children, especially for those who already have behavioral problems The FDA is considering requiring warning labels on food indicating effects of food coloring Some uses of the dye, red no. 3, have ALR ΕADΥ ΒΕENΒ ΑNNED BY THE FDA due to its cancerous effects on rats VANILLA Vanilla extract contains a minimum of 35% ALCOHOL by volume Equivalent to 70 PROOF LIQUOR such as brandy and Jägermeister There have been two documented cases of INTOXICATION DUE TO ΥΑΝILLA ΕXΤRACT A Tennessee woman was ARRESTED FOR A DUI when her car hopped a curb due to consuming an 8 oz. bottle of vanilla extract Cupcakes are comprised of ingredients we seldom think twice about. And as Crumbs, the nation's largest cupcake chain ponders a $66 million dollar merger and its initial public offering, it's the perfect time to think about the character of our favorite little cakes. END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD SOURCES: http://blogs om/source/2011/12/19/norway-embarrassed-by-butter-shortage/ ррт II и

The Anatomy of a Cupcake

shared by kthorspear on Jan 19
When this gourmet cupcake boom took off a couple of years ago, I couldn’t believe it. The cupcakes I’m used to are home-baked, hastily frosted and pocked with thumbprints. And before my family dis...


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