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Alternative Meat for Your Christmas Dinner

STERNATIOE МEAT for your Christma Traditionally, the turkey dinner is the staple meat of Christmas, eaten in abundance and enjoyed by millions in the UK. But, by swapping your meat out for something a little more adventurous, it can spice up your culinary experience and bring a new flavour to the table. • 140g serving • 31g Fat • 35g Protein • 427 Calories GOOSE Prepared almost exactly the same as turkey, including stuffing and basting, a roast Goose is the perfect alternative, especially if you don't want to stray too far from a standard Christmas dinner. A sure fire way of retaining harmony round the table. DUCK • 174g serving • 4g Fat • 48g Protein • 244 Calories Duck is usually pan-fried, but can also be roasted in a true Christmas style. If you're feeling brave, try rubbing five-spice into the meat, or even honey and soy sauce, to add more of an Asian twist to your traditional dinner. • 275g serving • 7g Fat 57g Protein • 302 Calories GUINEA FOWL It might not feed a family of twelve, but Guinea Fowl will certainly accompany a roast dinner if you're planning on including a number of meats - It is also can be prepared with many different fruits and glazes to provide some much needed flavour to your plate. PARTRIDGE, · 250g serving • 6.8g Fat • 32.6g Protein • 192 Calories Partridge is absolutely made for stuffing, so choose traditional flavours like chestnuts and mushrooms, but make sure it doesn't stay too long in the oven. It should come out succulent and juicy, sure to satisfy the hungriest of guests. • 93g serving • 8g Fat • 25g Protein • 174 Calories VENISON If you are looking to impress your diners this Christmas, you can't go far wrong than to serve them Venison. The biggest difference in preparation is that Venison needs much less time in the oven to retain the delicate flavours of the meat. Sources: marsala-gravy/#BqqeEvaxZHUSLyCz.97 Gressingham+Foods+Whole+Partridge+250g#Vmb2D3bhDcs een's Tackle & Guns Dinner

Alternative Meat for Your Christmas Dinner

shared by AB1893 on Jan 12
Feel free to browse through our infographic below to get some ideas on alternative meats you can cook up for the most festive day of the year.


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