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All About Fast Food

Ereryching you need to know about FAST FOOD THE HISTORY OF FAST FOOD Pop Cou 1892 Coca-Cola, the "brain tonic & soda contain beverage," contained about 9 milligrams of 1894 19th century The invention of the meat grinder gave rise to the hamburger. The Los Angeles Times prints reference to the hamburger. cocaine. Early 1900s The hamburger was thought to be polluted, unsafe to eat, & food for the poor. AW 1914 1919 A&W Root Beer Due to anti-German claimed to be the first sentiment during ww, an alternative name for fast food chain with a hamburger (which was derived from the Hamburg steak sand- wiches eaten on immi- drive-ins. 1921 White Castle opened the first hamburger chain, selling hamburgers for 50ยข. grant ships) was "salis- bury steak," named after Dr. Salisbury who prescribed ground beef for certain illnesses. 1930s Howard Johnson's first franchised the 1940s Curb service mobilized when carhops strapped on roller skates. 1921 Franchising was introduced by A&W Root Beer, which franchised its syrup. TOP quick service chains restaurant concept standardizing menus, signage, & advertising. 1940s JoHnsons Fast food restaurants had "flashier" architecture to catch 1949 1949 Richard & Maurice McDonald opened the first McDonald's the attention of drivers. Arby's is created by Forrest Raffel & his younger brother Leroy. 1951 The term "fast food" was recognized in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. restaurant. McDonald Bros Burger Bar Drive-In 1956 Carl Karcher launched 1965 1967 SUBWAY Subway is established. High-fructose corn syrup appears in fast foods. This ingredient tricks your body into wanting to eat more & to store more fat. Carl's Jr, a mini version of his other SUBWAY resteraunt. TACO (BURGER BELL KING 1990s Car manufacturers 1990 1990s Late comedian & 1970 Hindu vegetarian customers in India smeared cow dung on installed larger cup talk-show host Johnny holders in the dashboards. Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food. Carson labeled the a statue of Ronald McDonald when they discovered beef tallow was used to flavor the french fries. hamburger the "McClog the Artery." $ $ $$ $ $ Soda 1991 2004 2004 There was a seven mile-long line of cars waiting to eat at the McDonald's opened in Kuwait. PETA released a video taken at a chicken supplier to fast food restaurants, which Americans ate COFFE arbys 7.5 billion (originally frozen) pounds of french fries. showed animal cruelty. 2005 Ronald McDonald was cited as the number 2 2006 Americans spent nearly $142 billion on fast food. top-10 advertising icon of the 20th century. x 14.2 Pizza Hut These are the chains that are pOpular in specific regions, but not elsewhere: CANIPOTA EXIGAN SRILL DQ Jack TLE PANDA EXPRESS Panera DREAC in the box Carls Fr. DUNKIN DONUTS AMERICA Ru OH DUH SONIC jamha juice Crick filk America's Drive-In Brought lo you by Sources: GOURMANDIA

All About Fast Food

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Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly.




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