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Air Mile Meals - How Far Has Your Food Travelled?

f01- AIR MILE MEALS HOW FAR HAS YOUR FOOD TRAVELLED? Total air miles to the UK CO? emissions released in KG BREAKFAST MILK LIME O miles 5464 miles O kg 1366 kg EGGS MAPLE SYRUP 3332 miles + O miles O kg 833 kg SALT SUGAR + 5058 miles 1265 kg 5464 miles 1366 kg PANCAKES WITH LIME JUICE AND SUGAR/MAPLE SYRUP TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 14,260 miles TOTAL KG CO, 3625kg BREAD O miles O kg ORANGE JUICE 787 miles 197 kg AVOCADO 5551 miles 1388 kg AVOCADO ON TOAST WITH ORANGE JUICE TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 16,860 miles TOTAL KG Co, 4215kg WHEAT 578 miles 145 kg COFFEE BEANS MILK 5464 miles 1366 kg O miles O kg CEREAL AND MILK WITH COFFEE TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 6042 miles TOTAL KG CO, 1511kg LUNCH TOMATOES PASTA 787 miles 5464 miles 197 kg 1366 kg MUSHROOMS GARLIC 288 miles 3332 miles 72 kg 833 kg TOMATO AND MUSHROOM PASTA TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 9241 miles TOTAL KG CO, 2310kg TUNA 5922 miles 1481 kg BREAD O miles O kg SWEETCORN + 213 miles 53 kg TUNA AND SWEETCORN SANDWICH TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 16,657 miles TOTAL KG CO, 4164kg SWEETCORN + 787 miles 197 kg FETA CHEESE BELL PEPPERS + 1486 miles 5464 miles 372 kg 1366 kg MINININ SPINACH TOMATOES IMIN NINIMAN 3332 miles 787 miles 197 kg 833 kg LETTUCE OLIVE OIL OLIVES 787 miles 5464 miles 787 miles 197 kg 1366 kg 197 kg FETA CHEESE AND OLIVE SALAD TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 10,501 miles TOTAL KG CO, 2625kg DINNER BEEF 6919 miles 1730 kg WINE POTATOES 11690 miles 2922 kg 288 miles 72 kg SALT PEAS 3332 miles 833 kg O miles O kg BEEF BURGER WITH HAND MADE CHIPS, PEAS (WITH SALT) AND WINE TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 23,955 miles TOTAL KG CO, 5989kg ONIONS 787 miles 197 kg SPRING ONIONS 2181 miles 545 kg NOODLES + 7276 miles 1819 kg PRAWNS 3332 miles 833 kg SOY SAUCE + 7276 miles 1819 kg PRAWN STIR FRY TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 24,796 miles TOTAL KG CO, 6199kg SALMON POTATOES 716 miles 288 miles 179 kg 72 kg ASPARAGUS BROCCOLI 5963 miles 787 miles 1491 kg 197 kg SALMON WITH BOILED POTATOES, BROCCOLI AND ASPARAGUS TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 7754 miles TOTAL KG CO, 1939kg DESSERTS BANANAS 5424 miles 1356 kg CHOCOLATE 3176 miles CHERRIES 794 kg 1760 miles 440 kg CINNAMON 5412 miles CREAM 1353 kg + O miles O kg BANANA SPLIT TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 15,772 miles TOTAL KG CO, 3943kg PINEAPPLES 5424 miles 1356 kg STRAWBERRIES 787 miles 197 kg MANGO 4169 miles 1042 kg PEARS 5608 miles GRAPES 1402 kg 7254 miles 1814 kg FRUIT SALAD TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 23242 miles TOTAL KG CO, 5811kg CREAM CHEESE O miles O kg RASPBERRIES 787 miles - 197 kg SUGAR + 5464 miles 1366 kg BISCUIT O miles O kg CHOCOLATE 3176 miles 794 kg CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE WITH RASPBERRIES TOTAL MILES TRAVELLED 9427 miles TOTAL KG CO, 2357kg COUNTRY OF ORIGIN MAY VARY FOR DIFFERENT BRANDS/SOURCES AND DEPENDENT UPON TIME OF YEAR. AIR MILES CALCULATED FROM CAPITAL CITY OF COUNTRY. The Greenhouse People SOURCES AND REFERENCES www.GREENHOUSEPEOPLE.CO.UK

Air Mile Meals - How Far Has Your Food Travelled?

shared by cartd009 on Apr 17
Picking up food is just a trip down to the shops, but many foods have had to travel thousands of miles to get on the shelves. The Greenhouse People have taken a look at the cumulative mileage of some ...


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