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Ageability of French Red Wines

vinery-sage Ageability of French Style Wines Not all Varietals are capable of being aged and even wines that are usually aged in Europe, are often made to be enjoyed sooner in the US. Many French style wines grown in California are the exception. However, without knowing the ideal storing temperature or length to age, you may be missing out on your wine's best flavor profile. Use this guide to find out exactly when to dust off that old bottle from the cellar and enjoy your French style wine at its best, then visit us at for detailed serving information on your favorite varietal. Red Wine Alicante Bouschet Optimal Immature: 0-3 years Tired: 7-8 years 4-6 years Cabernet Franc Immature: 0-5 years Tired: 11-13 years Optimal 6-10 years Cabernet Sauvignon Immature: 0-7 years Tired: 15-17 years Optimal 8-14 years Carignane Immature: 0-3 years Tired: 6-7 years Optimal 4-5 yrš. Charbono Optimal Immature: 0-4 years Tired: 11-13 years 5-10 years Cinsault Immature: 0-3 years Tired: 8-9 years Optimal 4-7 years Counoise Optimal Immature: 0-2 years Tired: 5 years 3-4 years Gamay Noir Immature: 1 years Tired: 3 years Optimal 1-2 years Grenache (Garnacha) Immature: 0-3 years Tired: 8-9 years 4-7 years Malbec Optimal Immature: 0-3 years Tired: 8-9 years 4-7 years Merlot Immature: 0-5 years Tired: 8-9 years Optimal 6-7 years Mourvedre Immature: 0-4 years Tired: 10-12 Optimal 5-9 years Petite Sirah Immature: 0-4 years Optimal 5-10 years Tired: 11-13 years Petite Verdot Immature: 0-3 years Tired: 9-11 years Optimal 4-8 years Pinot Noir Immature: 0-3 years Tired: 11-12 years Optimal 4-10 years Syrah Immature: 0-4 years Tired: 12-15 years Optimal 5-11 years Tannat Optimal Immature: 0-6 years Tired: 11-14 years 7-10 years Valdiguié Immature: 0 years Tired: 2 years Optimal 1 year

Ageability of French Red Wines

shared by WinerySage on Mar 29
Our infographic depicts the proper amounts of years you should leave a red wine sit for it to taste Immature, Optimal, or Tired. People tend to think that you can age all wines, or that the longer you...




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