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8 Types of Barbecue from Around the World

8 TYPES OF BARBECUE FROM AROUND THE WORLD BARBACOA – MEXICO If you've ever wondered where we got the word "barbecue," you can thank the Spanish. Barbacoa was the name they gave to the cooking style popular with the Taino, a people indigenous to the Caribbean. At its most orthodox, barbacoa is a whole sheep slow- cooked over an open fire pit. Sheep and pit are covered with maguey leaves, which release steam as they cook, giving the meat a flavor reminiscent of tequila. CHUAN'R - CHINA Created by the Muslim Uyghurs in West China's Xinjiang region, chuan'r has its roots in a regional lamb dish and has grown into a popular technique that is applied to meats of every kind, seafood, and even insects. The skewered protein is cooked on a metal pan on a raised surface, which is filed with smoldering coals and topped with a wire rack. Now a staple street food from Ürumqi to Hong Kong, you can find authentic chuan'r in practically every major Chinese city. KHORKHOG – MONGOLIA Because of its ultra-portable cooking method, khorkhog is the meal of countrysíde nomads. Lamb or goat is chunked into bone-in pieces and layered over fire-warmed stones inside a large metal milk jug. Rather than heat the jug over fire, the cook pours water into it, which the stones turn to steam. With the lid on, the hot stones and steam cook the meat into something like a dry stew, which is eaten with one's hands. This authentic, made-in-Mongolia barbecue is not easy to find in restaurants in and beyond the rugged nation. ASADO CON PEBRE - CHILE It's not the method or the meat that sets Chilean asado apart. It's the jungle-green sauce, pebre. The spicy Chilean staple, made with diced onion, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, and aji peppers, is piled high on rib-eye steaks, baby-back ribs, and skewers of assorted meats. Culinary tradition holds that pebre descends from a Catalan sauce that Spanish engineers and masons brought to 18th- century Chile. If you find yourseif in Santiago, try it at Bocanáriz. LECHÓN – PHILIPPINES Lechón is so good, it's been the Philippines's national dish for 130 years. Preparation varies by region, but generally the dish consists of a whole pig roasted rotisserie-style over a charcoal pit. Often, the pig is rubbed with coconut water, milk, or soy sauce and stuffed with salt, lemongrass, batuan fruit, leeks, and garlic. Lechón takes all afternoon to cook; the reward is the unique sensation of biting through thick and crispy brick-red skin. TANDOORI – INDIA The Punjabi tandoor, a bell-shaped clay oven in which a fire is built, hasn't changed in 5,000 years. To make the eponymous dish, the cook layers wood or charcoal on the floor of the pot, lights it, and adds the meat directly on top of the fire. Flames and swirling hot air cook the meat, and fat dripping on the coals smokes it, too. Because tandoori cooking was popularized by Muslims, it typically features chicken, although you can use a tandoor to cook any kind of meat or seafood. BRAAI – SOUTH AFRICA Short for braaivleis, of Afrikaans creation, the braai is South Africa's cherished version of the backyard barbecue. Any occasion, no matter how formal, is good cause to break out the wood lumps or charcoal. Any meat can be braai-ed: sausages, kebabs, chicken, pork chops, lamb, steaks, fish, lobster, or ribs. It's the dry rub- typically combining paprika, nutmeg, coriander, cayenne, cumin, allspice, black pepper, garlic powder, and cloves- that unites it into one South African style. HIMA'A – TAHITI Hima'a is just as much a community event as it is a cooking style. Green hibiscus leaves, coconut fronds, or any nearby greenery are layered over dry wood and porous volcanic rocks inside a pit as big as a full-size mattress; moisture in the leaves turns to steam to help cook the pork. The pork is wrapped in more leaves and placed on top of the pit, and then burlap sacks, plastic tarps, or plain old dirt is piled over it all to seal in the heat. After cooking all afternoon, the pork is dug up and glazed in savoury sauce and served with tropical fruits. Plyvine CATERING CREATED BY www.PLYVINECATERING.CO.UK CONTENT SOURCE wwW.AFAR.COM

8 Types of Barbecue from Around the World

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