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7 Unexpected Ingredients You Might Be Eating For Lunch Today

Zunexpected INGREDIENTS You might be eating for lunch today. ASPARTAME ASPARTAME most commonly used artificial sweetener carcinogen neurotoxin As of 2008, 6,000+ products consumed by over 100 million worldwide contain aspartame. Aspartame can be found in diet/sugar-free products, including: DIET diet/sugar-free jello (and other gelatins) sugar-free chewable tabletop gums sodas vitamins sweeteners ESTROCEN Estrogen Regular milk is full of hormones used by the milk industry to keep the cows knocked up lactating all year round. Drinking regular milk is like taking a shot of hormones with it! Estrogen can be found in non-organic dary products like: butter cheese milk cream SODIUM NITRATE SOUM NITATÉ Used as a preservative, coloring, and flavoring in processed meats Highly carcinogenic once it enters the human digestive system. SPINACH DUST with SPINACH DUST so-called That green sheen in these "HEALTHY" veggie snacks is powdered spinach dust. Végetable (Flavored Snack (spinach that has been dehydrated and sucked dry of any nutritional value) nutritional value : very low TERTIARY BUTYLHYDROQUINONE Found in frozen, packaged or pre-made processed foods with long shelf lives. CHIPS TBHQ fast food cereal bars A chemical preservative It is used in foodstuffs to delay the onset of rancidness and greatly extends the storage life of foods. which is a form of butane. TRANS FAT Is among the most dangerous substances that you can consume. Extends and enhances shelf life of food products. Trans fat can be found in: partially hydrogenated vegetable oils processed foods made with margarine deep-fried fast foods SYNTHETIC VANILLIN Most vanilla flavoring is either made from petrochemicals or derived from a by-product of the paper industry. It can be found in: SYNTHETIC VANILLIN WOOD PULP VANILLA FLAVORING artificially flavored yogurt candy and sodas baked goods BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOURCE 7 Unexpected Ingredients You Might Be Eating For Lunch Today by Judy Molland GOURMANDIA .......

7 Unexpected Ingredients You Might Be Eating For Lunch Today

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