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7 Types of People You Find in a Restaurant

THE 17 TYPES OF PEOPLE YOU FIND IN A RESTAURANT WHICH ONE ARE YOU? THE PHOTOGRAPHER Must take snap shots of food at any possible angle. She's also a photo filter expert and uses camera apps you've never heard of. tips Tip Meter: Stingy to moderate Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Anything colorful Four seasons shake served in a sexy glass THE GOURMET FOODIE Probably the only person in the room who had researched the restaurant's menu. He's willing to try anything, bugs included. |tips Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Tip Meter: moderate Anything on the menu Water (to cleanse the palate) to generous THE HEALTH CONSCIOUS Uses an app that calculates her daily calorie intake. She will gladly regal you with the story of how she survived a week on saltine crackers and green smoothies. tips Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Tip Meter: Organic Ceasar salad with ground flaxseed Kale Generous Smoothie THE SELF-PROCLAIMED CHEF Has the ability to name all the ingredients used in a dish upon first bite. He will spend the rest of the meal talking about radical ways of recreating the dish in his kitchen. tips Tip Meter: Generous Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Unpronounceable dishes Dom Perignon Oenotheque Rose, 1960 THE LONER The perfect table neighbor because you're guaranteed to enjoy a quiet meal. tips Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Tip Meter: Seafood Fresh orange Generous Pesto juice THE ROYALTY Demands a table far from the windows and air-conditioning vent. Will also request for a new set of sterilized silverware, and table napkins. tips Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Tip Meter: Generous Salmon fillet topped with caviar and blue cheese Chilled San Pellegrino mineral water THE MEGAPHONE John That one person who either always have to shout at his phone, or laugh at a joke so loud his face turns the color of a beet. He may tip generously depending on his mood. tips Favorite Food: Medium rare Favorite Drink: Cold beer Tip Meter: Depends with his mood steak gourmet Society PHILIPPINES In the mood for good food f GourmetSocietyPH @GourmetPH GourmetSocietyPH

7 Types of People You Find in a Restaurant

shared by denwy8 on Jan 05
You know them. You've seen them. We bet you're even one of them.


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