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54M Inspired by Ehrira WHAT IS AMARANTH? PLANT BASED ANCIENT GLUTEN. COMPLETE NUTRIENT CRAIN FREE PROTEIN DENSE SQUALENE Over 7000 Nutrient High in lysine. Powerhouse Making years old. dense. grain. new cells. HOW DOES AMARANTH COMPARE TO OTHER FOODS? AMARANTH BROWN RICE CORN ТАРIOCA complete protein X not a complete protein X not a complete protein X not a complete protein PROTEIN 26.2g 14.7g 15.6g 1 cup 0.3g POTASSIUM 980mg 412mg 476mg 1 cup 16.7mg MAGNESIUM 479mg 265mg 211mg 1 cup 1.5mg CALCIUM 307mg 1 cup 42.6mg 11.6mg 30.4mg IRON 14.7mg 1 cup 2.7mg 4.5mg 2.4mg ZINC 5.5mg 3.7mg 3.7mg 1 cup 0.2mg HOW CAN YOU USE AMARANTH? +25% AMARANTH GRAIN AMARANTH FLOUR AMARANTH OIL Cook it and have amaranth porridge at 5AM for breakfast. Use up to 25% amaranth flour in your total flour mix and contribute to global food security, Apply it to your skin, drink it, and mix it with cosmetic and toiletry products. AMARANTH GRAIN - BECOME PRODUCTIVE Amaranth provides the necessary Having amaranth for breakfast will give you the energy and nutrition you need to get your day started. A healthy body is a productive body and will allow you to reach your goals more effectively. Amaranth is an excellent food for people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and who are vegan. minerals, vitamins, and is the best source of plant based protein because it contains all of the nine essential amino acids. AMARANTH FLOUR - REPAIRING THE GLOBAL FOOD SYSTEM Believe it or not, amaranth flour will change the world. Please visit to find out how! AMARANTH OIL - DISCOVER AMARANTH OIL Amaranth oil and its components, especially squalene, have shown many health benefits. Amaranth oil may be used for treating cardiovascular diseases as well as Squalene is incredibly well transporting oxygen to cells, decreasing the risk of developing and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Amaranth oil can be directly applied on your skin. The high amounts of Squalene and Vitamin E make it especially useful on dry skin as an effective moisturizer, on sunburns, on scares, wounds, acne, and most other skin related may be used for reducing blood pressure.? issues. CALL 4 ACTION Eat amaranth grain for breakfast. No milk, no eggs, no meat. Amaranth's nutritional profile is able to sufficiently replace unsustainable, unhealthy foods, giving you what you need to start off your day. Add 25% amaranth flour to your flour mix for any flour based products to increase the nutritional profile of your diet while actively directing your habits towards saving the world. Drink amaranth oil and/or apply on skin instead of using shark-derived squalene for health and cosmetic purposes. DID YOU KNOW FACT DID YOU KNOW THAT ABOUT 6 MILLIONS SHARKS ARE BEING KILLED EVERY YEAR FOR THEIR SQUALENE? Help to protect the top carnivores to keep our ocean's ecosystem in good health. Make conscious buying decision when purchasing cosmetic products and do not use any products containing shark derived squalene. #5AMRECIPE Content provided by: Waldemar Juschin @wjuschin Elina Frolova ofrolinagotagun SAM Designed by: Do you have a recipe with amaranth that you want to share? Use #5AMrecipe for Requested by: easy amaranth recipe discovery on social media platforms. REFERENCES: l [2] Martirosyan, Danik M.; Miroshnichenko, Lidia A.; Kulakova, Svetlana N.; Pogojeva, Ala V.;, Zoloedov, Vladimir I.. "Amaranth oil application for coronary heart disease and hypertension." Lipids in Health and Disease. 6(1): 2007 [3] The Role of Squalene in Health. (n.d.). The Science behind squalene.. Retrieved January 9, 2015, from


shared by elina.frolova on Jun 07
Infographic explaining why Amaranth is beneficial for your health and which benefits it caries comparing to the other grains.


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