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5 Reasons The Future Of Argiculture Is Indoors

..... .... Reasons the Future of AGRICULTURE IS INDOORS What is Indoor agriculture is growing produce and neutraceuticals in controlled indoor agriculture? environments - greenhouses, warehouses and containers - Greenhouse Warehouse using nutrient rich water or mist instead of soil. The industry is large: half of tomatoes bought in North American groceries are from greenhouses« Indoor Agriculture Controlled Environment * Source: Village Farms, figure is by hothouse tomatoes into retail channels by value Container ... ... 1 YOU CAN PUT A FARM (ALMOST) ANYWHERE The National Science Foundation has its Gotham Greens own hydroponic farm at its station at the South Pole grows leafy greens on the roofs of Brooklyn, NY buildings Zero Carbon Food Farms close to the consumer = fewer food grows veggies in London Underground tunnels miles & fresher veggies! ....... 2 IT USES ONLY 10-15% OF THE WATER OF TRADITIONAL FARMS More than 1/3 of the US is in drought +1/3 10-15% +70% of water is used for agriculture* Hydroponics helps farmers conserve water +70% * Sources: US Drought Monitor, FAO Aquastat ..... .. 2 YOU GET FRESH VEGGIES EVERY DAY In hydroponics systems, you harvest fresh veggies every day, not just 2 or 3 times a HydroGreens picks basil at 5am at its Pahrump, NV farm; the same produce is on the table at Las Vegas casino year. restaurants at lunchtime. ..... .. A IT'S GETTING CHEAPER TO SET UP 4 AN INDOOR FARM Multiple new growing systems have been commercialized over the past few years, offering better value than earlier iterations LED light bulb prices fell by 24% between 2010 & 2012, and are forecast to halve by 2020* -24% -50% 24 2010 & 2012 2020 *Source: Enterprise LED Market Research for historic figures, Lux Research for forecasts ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ... ...... IT MIGHT BE BETTER FOR YOU! Indoor farms are often able to use fewer pesticides and herbicides than outdoor ones as their farms are partially shielded from the elements VITAMIN A 2013 study at Dutch University Wageningen UR found that tomatoes blasted with LED lights - commonly used in vertical indoor farms - have 50% 50% MORE more Vitamin C ..... .... Want to find out more? Join us at the INDOOR IND GANNUAL 2nd ANNUAL INDOOR AGRICULTURE CONFERENCE Springs Preserve, Las Vegas, NV May 14-15, 2014 2014 More info at

5 Reasons The Future Of Argiculture Is Indoors

shared by ConnieBean on Mar 20
This infographic comes from the Indoor Agriculture Conference team. It lists the reasons why farming's future is indoors, and introduces some of the key players in the movement.


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