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40 National Dishes from Around the World (Made from Plasticine)

40 NATIONAL DISHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD - made from plasticine- VER Northern Ireland-Ulster Fry USA-Hamburger Sausages, bacon, potato cake, eggs and bread. Sandwich with a patty of ground meat or vegetables. Zimbabwe-Sazda Scotland-Haggis White maize pap with a stew made from various different vegetables. Stomach (or sausage casing) filled with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices. Iraq-Semeç Masgûf Mongolia-Buzz Carp grilled with lemons and herbs. Steamed dumplings filled with mutton or beef. Sweden-Köttbullar Mexico-Chiles en Nogada Stuffed poblano chillies served with a walnut based cream and pomegranate seeds. Meat balls with onion, egg, spices and herbs. ned Vicio etoof tele mirhe! Dale out bec series. ed acting li atial iov ts Argentina-Empanadas England-Fish & Chips Bread or pastry stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit. Battered fish served with thick-cut chips and mushy peas. r SCHRALE LIPPEN EN DROGE Afghanistan-Kabuli Palaw Philippines-Litson Steamed rice mixed with lentils, Whole roasted suckling pig, often spit-roasted. raisins, carrots and lamb. Thailand-Pad Thai Italy-Pasta Assorted shapes rolled and cut from durum wheat flour. Noodles with fish sauce, shrimp, red chillies, lime and peanuts. Cameroon-Ndolé Finland-Mämmi Rye flour and powdered malted rye seasoned with dark molasses, salt and orange zest. A stew of nuts, ndoleh (bitter leaves) with fish or beef served with fried plantain. France -Crêpes China-Peking Duck Thin pancakes made from wheat flour, and eggs served with a variety of fillings. Duck with a crispy skin often served with spring onions, a sweet bean sauce and pancakes. Israel-Israeli Salad Lebanon-Kibbeh Diced tomatoes and cucumbers Bulgur wheat, onion, ground lean beef, lamb or camel meat shaped and baked or patties. with other vegetables. Korea-Kimchi Ireland-Colcannon Mashed potato with kale or cabbage. A traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. South Africa-Bobotie Ethiopia-Verivorst & Mulgikapsad Spiced minced meat baked with Flat bread served with blood sausage made from pork blood. an egg based topping. SOOTHES DRY SKIN AND LIPS Morocco-Couscous Belgium -Moules-Frites Mussels and thin, deep-fried chips. Served throughout Belgium, France and Quebec. A traditional Berber dish made from semolina (granules of durum wheat). Wales-Cawl Greece - Fasolada A soup of dry white beans, olive oil and vegetables such as peppers. A rich stew or soup made from potatoes, swedes, carrot and meat. Latvia-Rupjmaize Portugal-Bacalhau Dark bread made from Rye. Dried and salted cod. REN EN DROGE HUID Jamaica-Ackee & Saltfish Somalia-Halwa A popular sweet dish made of sugar, cornstarch and oil with cardamom, cloves and peanuts. Fish, sautéed with ackee, onion, Scotch Bonnet peppers, tomatoes and spices. Ukraine -Borscht Azerbaijan-Dolma A thick soup made from beetroot, Minced lamb, rice and leek wrapped in cabbage leaves or stuffed in peppers or tomatoes. potato, carrot and onions. Romania-Mămăligă Peru-Ceviche Porridge made from yellow maize flour. Fresh, raw fish cured in citrus juices often served with chilli and peppers. SOOTHES DRY SKIN AND LI Malawi-Nshima Canada-Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Corn meal dumplings, eaten with side dish of meat and vegetables. Packaged, dry macaroni and cheese mixture. OTHES DRY SKIN AND LIPS Denmark-Frikadeller Germany-Currywurst Flat, pan-fried dumplings of minced meat served with pickles and salad. Steamed and then fried pork sausage cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup. BALTIC TRAVEL COMPANY model making: Chris Morley and Joe Shervell design:

40 National Dishes from Around the World (Made from Plasticine)

shared by joe.shervell on May 27
This is a rundown of the national dishes of 40 countries. Every dish is made from plasticine, but still looks delicious! How many have you tried? Did we miss any out?




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