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The 37 Most Iconic Breads in the World

The 37 Most lconic BREADS in the World BAGUETTE CHALLAH FRANCE ISRAEL A thin stick of bread. Leavened, braided, and usually made for Shabbat (day of rest). Identified by slits in the top. COTTAGE LOAF BANNOCK ENGLAND SCOTLAND Made with round balls of dough. Characterised by its shape. A flatbread made using baking soda instead of yeast. BARA BRITH BARMBRACK WALES IRELAND A fruit bread containing raisins, currants and candied peel. A kind of yeasted sweet bread with sultanas and raisins. HEMBESHA APPAM ERITREA SRI LANKA Spicy round flatbread. Usually baked in a covered frying pan. Bowl-shaped pancake, usually served with spices for breakfast or dinner. ANPAN BAMMY JAPAN JAMAICA A fried flatbread consisting of cassava root, salt and coconut oil. A sweet bun filled with either red bean paste, sesame, or chestnut. DAMPFNUDEL NAAN GERMANY INDIA Leavened flatbread usually served with curry. A sweet bread usually eaten as a meal or dessert. TORTILLA QUICK BREAD MEXICO USA Unleavened flatbread made A type of bread that uses baking soda instead of yeast. with wheat- or corn-flour. MANTOU TIGER BREAD CHÍNA NETHERLANDS Rice paste is applied to surface. It dries and cracks giving it a tiger look. A steamed bun made with white flour and a little bit of sweet. CIABATTA TUNNBRÖD ITALY SWEDEN An elongated white bread A soft or crisp flatbread made using a mix of wheat, barley and rye. made with olive oil. VIENNA BREAD VÁNOČKA AUSTRIA CZECH REPUBLIC A Christmas bread rich in eggs A leavened bread made using the high milling of Hungarian grain. and butter. RUGBRØD SACRAMENTAL BREAD DENMARK GREECE A sourdough bread made with rye and wheat flour. A Christian ceremonial bread sprinkled with holy water. Amen. RĒWENA PARÃOA PANE TICINESE NEW ZEALAND (MAORI) SWITZERLAND A sourdough potato bread native to New Zealand. A soft white tear-and-share bread. MASSA SOVADA BORODINSKY BREAD PORTUGAL RUSSIA A round sweet bread made A dark sourdough bread usually with sugar or honey. flavoured with coriander and caraway seeds. PAN RUSTICO BUSH BREAD SPAIN AUSTRALIA (ABORIGINE) An old fashioned bread that An ancient recipe made by crushing seeds into a dough. uses a starter dough. PISTOLE MARRAQUETA BELGIUM CHILE A small round bread usually eaten on Sunday mornings with jam and butter. A lobed soft bread with a crunchy texture. FLATKAKA REIKÄLEIPÄ ICELAND FINLAND Unleavened rye bread. Traditional rye bread. Round and dark. FLATBRØD CARROT BREAD NORWAY LATVIA Made with traditional dark rye Unleavened bread usually eaten with fish, meat and soup bread and carrots. RUGINĖ DUONA ESTONIAN KRINGLE LITHUANIA ESTONIA Dark rye bread. Sometimes flavoured with caraway seeds or onion A rich, buttery sweet bread. BUBLIK BALTIC POLAND TRAVEL COMPANY A sweet bread shaped like a doughnut

The 37 Most Iconic Breads in the World

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Since humans first learned even the most rudimentary agricultural methods, bread has been a staple of pretty much every cuisine in the world. This infographic chronicles some of the best and most memo...





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