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36 Fermented Foods From Around the World

36 FERMENTED FOODS From Around the World MONGOLIA UNITED STATES CHINA Sheg "ALIYS KIMCHI GOCHUJANG NATTÖ MISO Korea Korea Jаpan Japan Cabbage, radish, and other vegetables fermented in their own juices; eaten with most meals in Korea Savory, sweet, and spicy condiment made from gochugaru (chili powder), rice, meju (fermented soybean), and yeotgireun (barley malt powder); traditionally fermented for years in jangdok (earthenware) in backyards Soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis. The powerful Traditional seasoning made with fermented soybeans, salt, and köji (the national fungus of Japan) smell and bold flavor make it an acquired taste. It's often eaten with breakfast. SOURDOUGH KEFIR KOMBUCHA CURTIDO Western countries Eastern Europe China El Salvador Effervescent black or green tea made with sugar, bacteria, and yeast Bread baked after fementation Milk fermented with kefir Lightly fermented cabbage relish made with onions, with naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast. The lactic acid produced by the bacteria creates a sour taste. grains that give it probiotic qualities carrots, oregano, and lime juice KVASS CRÈME FRAÎCHE TEMPEH NEM CHUA Russia France Indonesia Vietnam Beverage made with rye bread, yeast, fruit, raisins, and honey Rich, cultured cream made with bacteria; often served over fruit, baked goods, and soups Soybeans fermented with Rhizopus oligosporu, a fungus. The distinct fermentation process retains the high protein, fiber, and vitamin content of the whole Ground pork mixed with roasted rice, salt, spices, and herbs before being wrapped in banana leaves for fermentation. The result is a sweet, sour, bean, making it a dietary staple. tangy, and spicy flavor. АPPAМ ATCHARA BALAO-BALAO JALEBI India Philippines Philippines Pakistan/India Unripe papaya pickled with vinegar, sugar, and salt. Carrot, ginger, onion, garlic, and peppercorns are often added. Deep-fried fermented wheat flour swirled into spiral shapes and soaked in sugar syrup Pancake made of fermented Dish made with rice and whole raw shrimp fermented with angkak (red yeast rice) and salt. Lactic acid formed from the rice rice batter and coconut milk. This creates a bubbly, spongy texture. and saffron preserves and softens the shrimp. INJERA ВORS DOUBANJIANG SAUERKRAUT Ethiopia Romania China Europe Sour, spongy flatbread made from teff flour that has been Sour soup made with a fermented stock (water, wheat bran, sugar beet, or sliced bread); national dish of Romania and Moldova Hot and savory paste made from fermented broad beans, peppers, Finely cut raw cabbage fermented with lactic acid soybeans, salt, and flour. It is often called the "soul of fermented with ersho for bacteria. It is a national dish several days of Germany. Sichuan cuisine." SALAMI LUTEFISK OGIRI BIVIAR Europe Norway Nigeria Greenland Traditionally made from castor seeds, which are poisonous unless fermented. They are boiled and left to ferment in banana leaves Hundreds of seagulls preserved in the body of a seal. It is buried under a large stone to prevent the pelt from bursting from gas buildup and left to ferment for six months. The birds are then Ground raw meat stuffed into a casing with salt, sugar, spices, pepper, and yeast and left to ferment for several Whitefish pickled in lye and then rehydrated to a gelatinous texture. It originated from preserving fish during long winters. days. It is then dried, making the casings airtight to halt harmful bacteria growth. for at least five days. The result has a pungent flavor. eaten raw. POI DOOGH/AYRAN НАКARL BAYMAR Central Asia, Balkan countries, Middle East Hawaii Central Asia, Middle East Iceland Mashed starchy vegetables (breadfruit, taro, and plantain) left to ferment until it develops a thick, sour paste Fizzy yogurt drink that is salty and sour, often made with mint; popular in Milk simmered over very low heat for two hours, then left to cool and mildly ferment; has a thick, creamy consistency Poisonous shark cured with ammonia and hung to dry. Traditionally, the shark meat is buried in sand and gravel with rocks on top to press out the juices over several months. Chef Anthony Bourdain described it as the most disgusting thing he's ever eaten. the summer KVASS BHANOM CHIN ŞALGAM YOGURT Thailand Slavic and Baltic countries Russia Worldwide Beverage made from fermented rye bread, often flavored with fruits and herbs Beverage made of pickled red carrots, salt, spices, and çelem (aromatic turnip) fermented in barrels with ground bulgur The byproduct of bacterial fermentation of milk. Each type of milk (cow, buffalo, goat, yak, etc.) creates a substantially different result. Thin noodles made from rice that has been fermented for several days SUMBALA VIILI WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE COD LIVER OIL West Africa Finland England Scandinavia Nutritionally dense fermented seed condiment, traditionally made using néré (African locus bean tree) seeds. The seeds are boiled and Traditionally made by filling a barrel with cod livers and Fermented milk product with a velvety, malleable texture. Various forms of yeast give it a slightly different taste than typical yogurt. Condiment made with anchovies fermented in vinegar for more than a year. Molasses, salt, tamarind, onions, and garlic are other common ingredients. seawater and leaving it to ferment for up to a year. The oil is then skimmed off the top. then packed away to ferment, producing a pungent smell. CANKCECIDES »

36 Fermented Foods From Around the World

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A visualization of many different types of fermented food and drink from different parts of the globe. Fermentation has been around since 7000 B.C. Researches have found evidence that ancient Chinese ...


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