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34 Of The Strangest Dishes From History

34 OF THE STRANGEST DISHES FROM HISTORY GARUM OSTRICH RAGOÛT A fermented fish sauce made of fish intestines A whole boiled ostrich and blood, combined with salt and herbs. It's left to sit in the sun for up to served with a range of seeds, dates, fish and mint. Ostriches were three months considered as exotic THE as elephants ANCIENT ROMANS DORMICE FISH SAUCE DOUGHNUTS A dormouse stuffed with minced pork and minced Strips of dough, fried up and then coated in fish dormouse meat. The stuffed mouse is then sauce. The perfect cooked in an oven savoury treat! THE PORPOISE HORSE MEAT ANGLO- SAXÓNS A much needed and appreciated high Consumed in times of famine. Consumption was, however, considered calorie dish. It was considered a delicacy taboo in a Christian society that considered it 'Pagan' food and highly requested! NÄSSELSOPPA SÚRIR HRÚTSPUNGAR A delicately flavored soup, which is prepared from fresh stinging Sour, pickled ram's testicles. The testicles are nettle leaves boiled and cured in whey THE VIKINGS SHEEP'S HEAD JELLY HAKARL Shark meat that's left to rot for 6 weeks, then cut Tissue from the facial and hung out to dry for 4 months. This removes sheep, encased in jelly, served with bread and butter muscles the poisonous elements makings it edible 00 THE HELMETED COCK LIVE FROG PIE A bizarre combination To surprise and entertain guests at medieval banquets, some cooks of pigs and capons. Both are roasted, then the capon is made to ride the pig, often wearing a coats of arms, honouring the lords present would hide live animals THE inside empty pie crusts, frogs being a favourite! MIDDLE / MEDIEVAL AGES BEAVER'S TAIL ROAST HEDGEHOG Eaten by Catholics, the scaly tails were often The hedgehog has its throat cut, is gutted, and either wrapped in pastry or roasted served in water. The flesh is said to taste similar to fish 4. THE NORMANS TRIPES À LA MODE DE CAEN ANIMAL BLOOD JELLY All four chambers of a Jellies dyed with boiled animal blood to achieve a cow's stomach, part of the large intestine, the hoofs and bones. Cut up and mixed with vegetables black colour. Sandalwood is used to create red jelly and saffron to make yellow and cider COCKENTRICE ROASTED SWAN A fanciful and imaginative dish, made by combining a pig and a capon into A dish reserved for special occasions, it was often presented to the table with a gold one creature, thus creating a 'new' animal. It not only fed, but crown upon its head. The bird was often 'redressed' amused and amazed in its skin and feathers people as well after being roasted THE TUDORS INTERNAL FROG BLANCMÁNGE ORGANS Cooks didn't waste any The Church did not part of an animal, in fact, internal organs were often regarded as delicacies. Beef lungs, spleen, allow people to eat meat. Therefore instead of adding chicken to this dish, frogs were added instead! They were mixed in with sugar and milk and even udders were considered fit for a king THE ELIZABETHANS MARROW ON TOAST SHEEP'S FEET The Elizabethans believed A topping made from the in 'head to tail' eating, not wasting any part of the animal, even the feet! bones of dead animals, spread onto toast RÔTI SANS PAREIL VIPER SOUP Vipers taken alive, beheaded, cut to pieces A French dish where 17 and boiled with their birds are stuffed inside hearts. Garnished with each other from smallest slices of Lemon to largest, ranging from a warbler to a great bustard THE GEORGIANS MOCK TURTLE SOUP POISONOUS PURPLE PEARS Turtle soup was seen as a delicacy that only the very rich could afford. A 'mock' version was made, Pears cooked in a saucepan with a pewter plate on top. The pear acid reacts with the lead often using a calf's head instead of turtle meat, since it has a similar pewter dish, turning the pears purple. It may have looked pretty but the dish was poisonous! gelatinous texture TOAST SANDWICH SOUSED PIG'S FACE A sandwich consisting of A pig's head, boiled for one piece of dry toast, placed between two pieces of buttered, untoasted bread, with a hours with cow's heels. It was then rubbed with salt before being brined for several days. Served with mustard and vinegar pinch of salt and pepper THE VICTORIANS CALF'S FOOT JELLY BOILED CALF'S HEAD A calf's head that's boiled Essentially, jelly made out of meat. Calves' feet are until tender. The tongue is removed, cut into slices, boiled, extracting their natural gelatin before spices and sugar are and put on a platter with the picked flesh. The eyeballs, cut in half, are considered a delicacy! added for flavor PARAFFIN CAKE WHALE MEAT CASSEROLE War rationing meant that butter and lard During rationing, the government encouraged were in short supply so liquid paraffin was used when making cakes. Unfortunately Paraffin is not good for you and leads to unexpected gastric effects! housewives to use whale meat as a substitute for meat and fish, both of which were in short WORLD WAR I & II / POST-WAR, supply. This dish was available, ready made, in a tin HAM AND BANANAS HOLLANDAISE LIVER SAUSAGE PINEAPPLE Mustard topped ham is wrapped around bananas. This is topped Liver sausage and mayonnaise paste molded around a jar and then with hollandaise sauce frosted and decorated to and then baked look like a pineapple SOURCES: foods-through-history-pig-chickens-beavers- tails-mock-turtle-soup-Annie-Gray bizarre-foods-that-people-actually-ate- throughout-history-from-ancient-rome- to-the-1950s medieval-meals.html what-you-are-eating-icelandic-thorrablot- heres-your-answer strange-old-eglish-recipes-that-you-won- aplm#.gqRoGBB741 history/lesson_plans/anglo-saxon/normans Ip_hoh_feasting.pdf eating-like-a-viking-all-the-way- around-iceland tudors-ate-some-weird-food bon-appetit-wednesday on-victorian-dinner-tables/ did-the-english-people-stop-eating- horses-in-the-middle-ages most-disgusting-creation-liver- sausage-pineapple of+the+Tudors ens-cockentrices-and-helmeted-cocks- springfield/eliz/elizfood.html imaginative-beasts wwW.MYFAMILYSILVER.COM MY FAMILY SILVER FAMILY HEIRLOOMS & GIFTS eX

34 Of The Strangest Dishes From History

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The Ancient Romans Garum A fermented fish sauce made of fish intestines and blood, combined with salt and herbs. It's left to sit in the sun for up to three months Ostrich Ragout A whole boiled ostr...


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