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22 Toastable Facts About Craft Beer

Toastable Facts 22 About Craft Beer Most Americans Most popular IPA craft beer style live within 10 miles of craft beer in the of a craft brewery US. #1 An American craft brewer is small independent and traditional. Cascade Hops is the favorite hop varietal among craft brewers * WA States with Worst glass for beer tasting: Shaker Pint 150 the most CO CA craft 160 330 OR breweries 134 the perfect pour Serve strong ales in a snifter to increase the heat 152 # of beer styles recognized by by the Brewer's Association Frosty glasses transer from your hand cause foaming Cold masks flavors A beer a day keeps the doctor away. CIGAR CITY Justin Clark Silcon Cigar City BREWING etreme craft found in craft ales strengthens bones extreme craft beers 4 to try before you die Only 3 people CICERONE' hold the title of CERTIFICATION PAOGRAM Master Cicerone Legend has it that barrel-aged beers were created by accident when a distillery tried to create a Whisky finished with ale BOLT UT flavors. Dogfish Head Worldwide Founders Brewing Stout Bolt Cutter ABV 15-20% ABV 15% Presidential Homebrewers 3 reasons to love Filling a growler? Don't forget the tip Rye 1) Sharpens flavor George Washington Thomas Jefferson 2) Adds crispness 3) Gives subtle James Madison Barack Obama spiciness Isohumulones in hops help maintain the head on beer & they're good for you Beer Average calories in 12 oz of beer Homebrewer Alert! Hops are poisonous to pets. 140 Lager 150 Pale Ale 240 Pumpkin Ale 300 imperial Stout Keep an eye on your pellets if you're homebrewing. Trending Beer color is directly Session beers related to malt content Sour beers Barrel-aged beers Wild ales Craft kegs Sources Brewer's Association - Oregon Brewers Guild - Science Daily - Colorado Brewers Guild - Beer Insights - California Craft Brewers Association - Swag Brewery - Washington Beer Commission - CNN Money - Craft Beer - Ad Age - Cicerone Certification Program - Craft Beer Facts - @craftbeerfacts Draught Quality - Beer Innovations - Men's Health - The Drink Nation - Food Republic - Pet Poison Hotline - Beer Advocate - Brought to you by letspour hard-to-find craft beerS delivered to your door

22 Toastable Facts About Craft Beer

shared by letspour on Nov 07
An infographic chocked full of interesting facts and triva related to craft beer, created for LetsPour. This engaging visual provides tips for beer drinkers, as well as historical facts. You'll be ama...


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