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20 Desserts from Around the World

20 Desserts FROM AROUND THE WORLD Cakes FRANCE POLAND EGYPT VEŅEZUELA CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ - BABKA - BASBOUSA - BRAZO GITANO - a lightly baked cake with a a sweet cake with a spongy a semi-sweet semolina cake the Spanish version of a Swiss gooey chocolate interior. texture, filled with fruits topped with spoonfuls of lime roll, a sponge cake filled with like raisins. curd, whipped cream, cream, and covered with icing, and berries. chocolate, or meringue. Puddings Soups MEXICO TÜRKEY VIETNAM CHINA ARROZ CON LECHE - TAVUK GÖĞSÜ - CHE DAU XANH - TANGYUAN a sweetened, thick rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins. a dessert pudding made of a sweet mung bean soup colorful, glutinous rice balls topped with tapioca, jellies, filled with black sesame, finely minced chicken breast mixed with rice, milk, sugar, glutinous rice balls, and fruit. peanut, and red bean pastes, flour, and butter, topped with served in a sweet broth of cinnamon and almonds. ginger and rock sugar. Pastries GERMANY ISRAEL APPLE STRUDEL - KANAFEH - sweet phyllo dough or semolina orange-colored pastry stuffed with goat a flaky pastry filled with sliced apples, cinnamon, raisins, and roasted bread crumbs, served with whipped cream, vanilla sauce, or vanilla ice cream. cheese and covered in syrup. BELGIUM ICELAND AUSTRALIA BELGIAN WAFFLES - SNUOUR - PAVLOVA - served with chocolate, fruit, the Icelandic version of meringue crust topped with or whipped cream. cinnamon rolls, which are whipped cream and fresh fruits, frosted with melted chocolate. such as kiwi and strawberries. Fuozen Theats Rice SINGAPORE JAPAN THAILAND AIS KACANG - MOCHI ICE CREAM - THAI MANGO STICKY RICE - chewy mochi, small pastel-colored glutinous rice a combination of sweet sticky rice, fresh mango slices, shaved ice served with a multitude of toppings like red beans, sweet corn, lychee fruit, cakes dusted with powdered and coconut sauce. green grass jelly, and evaporated milk. sugar, with sweet and fruit-flavored ice cream. Cookies Deep Fried MALAYSIA ARGENTINA INDIA SCOTLAND KUEH BANGKIT - ALFAJORES - GULAB JAMUN - DEEP-FRIED CANDY BARS - floral-shaped coconut cookies dulce de leche filling (prepared deep fried dough balls commonly served at made from tapioca flour, by slowing heating sweetened covered in a sugary syrup Scottish fast-food stores pandan, coconut milk, sugar, milk) sandwiched between two infusing the flavors of with a side of fries. and egg yolks, resulting in a shortbread cookies. cardamom seeds, dessert that is crumbly on the rosewater or saffron, outside and airy on the inside. lemon ly SOURCES

20 Desserts from Around the World

shared by Lemonly on Jan 16
Ever wondered what others around the globe crave after dinner? You may be surprised at the range of different tastes and dishes served around the world when someone’s sweet tooth kicks in. From babk...




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