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17 Tasty Tips on Bacon

Bacon Bits Bacon has been called the candy meat – it's decadent, rich, and indulgent. Cured and crispy, bacon has been a favorite for centuries. Whether you like it with eggs, tossed on a salad, dressing up a burger, or even dipped in chocolate, there's a bacon treat for everyone. With "baconmania" in full swing, let's take a moment to appreciate all facets of the best part of the pig. SHOULDER & HAM BACON LOIN BACON Bacon is cured, smoked pork, but different places around the world use different cuts. BELLY BACON BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato) sandwiches became popular after World War II, when supermarkets expanded, making fresh lettuce and tomatoes available year round. 3 Bacon has been around for centuries. SALTY SINCE 1500 B.C. Preserving and salting pork bellies began in China around 1500 B.C. The Greeks and Romans kept up the tradition, also enjoying salted pork. There are varieties of Beer, Vodka, and Bourbon that are bacon flavored. The Bacon Bloody Mary and Bacontini are two bacon cocktails. A lighthearted survey conducted by Maple Leaf Foods found: 43% would rather have bacon than sex 23% men ranked bacon as their favorite fragrance 23% wondered if "my partner loves bacon more than me" Choline, a micronutrient found in pork products like bacon, could actually boost the intelligence of an unborn child. Scientist at the University of North Carolina have linked Choline to better brain development, memory, and recall. Previous studies have also linked large doses of choline to a decrease in heart problems. CHOLINE IS ALSO FOUND IN EGGS, LIVER, MILK, CHICKEN, AND NUTS. The word "bacon" dates back to the late 1500s. In 1924, Oscar Mayer patented the first packed, sliced bacon. In Middle English, "Bacoun" referred to all pork. During the 17th century, "bacon" referred only to cured pork. In the U.S., bacon is eaten as: 70% 11% 2% BREAKFAST LUNCH SNACK 17% 10 DINNER Top Five Best-Selling U.S. Bacon Brands, by sales: 11 Top Ten U.S. Bacon Markets 1. PRIVATE LABEL 1. NEW YORK 2. LOS ANGELES $505.3 M 2. OSCAR MAYER 3. SAN ANTONIO/ $423.9 M CORPUS CHRISTI 4. BALTIMORE/ WASHITON D.C. HORMEL BLACK LABEL $117.1 M 5. CHICAGO 6. PHILADELPHIA 7. HOUSTON 8. SOUTH CAROLINA 9. DALLAS/FT. WORTH 10. ATLANTA 4. WRIGHT $73.7 M 5. FARMLAND $70.7 M IN TOTAL, PACKAGED, SLICED BACON IS A $2,127,500,000 MARKET 12 Guanciale is an Italian specialty bacon made from pork cheeks. 13 A single serving of bacon is 3 medium- thickness slices. 14 11% of a standard pig's weight is bacon. A 200 pound pig will yield roughly 20 pounds of bacon, depending upon the butchering process. 100 CALORIES 8 GRAMS OF FAT 440 MILIGRAMS OF SODIUM 15 O TRANS FATS SAINT ANTHONY THE ABBOT (aka Saint Anthony the Great) is the patron saint of pigs, swine herders, and butchers. As such, he has been dubbed "The Patron Saint of Bacon." He is also the patron saint of epilepsy, amputees, shingles, gravediggers, hermits, lost items, and Cunas Brazil. 16 Denmark consumes the most pork in the world. 17 The Average American eats 17.9 Ibs of bacon per year. On par, the average Brit consumes 17.86 lbs of bacon. In the UK, bacon is purchased by 90.4% of households. 17.9 LBS Sources: html?ITO=1490 Other-Delicious-Baconized-Beverages-106 php UnlineSchools Design by Jason Powers 3.

17 Tasty Tips on Bacon

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People all over the world enjoy bacon – whether it’s with their breakfast, in a burger, in a baked potato, on a salad or in a sandwich accompanied with lettuce and tomatoes. By definition, bacon i...


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