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10 Things to Do With Banana Peels

10 THINGS TO DO WITH BANANA PEELS AND OTHER FOOD WASTE TIPS AMERICANS EAT APPROXIMATELY 3.2 BILLION POUNDS OF BANANASA YEAR THAT'S 304 BANANAS EVERY SECOND! 12% OF A BANANA'S WEIGHT IS THE PEEL THAT'S 780 MILLION POUNDS OF PEELS HEADED FOR LANDFILLS! Most bananas grow within 30 degrees of the equator. Harvested while still green, they travel long distances in refrigerated vehicles To "ripening rooms" where they are exposed to ethylene gas where 25% are thrown And finally to our away and end up in landfills where they emit methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Then they're shipped to grocery stores homes... PEELS USE 'EM, DON'T LOSE 'EM 1. FERTILIZE TOMATO PLANTS Wrap a banana peel around your tomato starts so they can absorb nutrients from it throughout the season. 2. FEED INDOOR PLANTS Soak a banana peel in a large jar of water, then combine one part of the resulting banana peel water with five parts of regular water in a watering can to fertilize indoor plants. 3. USE IN COMPOST Banana peels break down quickly and add lots of nutrients to the soil for vegetable and flower gardens. Compast 4. RELIEVE RASHES AND ITCHES Rub the peel over bug bites, poison ivy rashes or psoriasis patches to reduce itchiness and promote healing. 5. FEED ANIMALS Add some ground, dried banana peels to the feed for chickens, pigs, rabbits, and livestock. 6. MAKE VINEGAR Use the sour flavor of banana-peel vinegar on salads, to flavor water and tea, or in any recipe that calls for vinegar. Visit for recipe. 7. TENDERIZE MEAT Add a ripe banana peel to a roasting pan to keep boneless, skinless cuts of meat from toughening up and drying out during cooking. 8. EAT THE PEEL Get even more nutrients, fiber and antioxidants from the fruit by boiling the peel for 10 minutes, putting it through a juicer, or blending it with other fruits. Be sure to clean the peel to remove any pesticides. 9. ATTRACT BUTTERFLIES AND BIRDS Put peels from overripe bananas on a raised platform in the garden and watch them flock to the sweetness. Beware that bees and wasps may be attracted as well. 10. POLISH LEATHER AND SILVER Rub the pithy side of a banana peel on leather shoes, jackets or furniture and buff with a soft cloth. Blend a peel with water and use the mixture to shine silver. DON'T THROW OUT OVERRIPE BANANAS! Overripe bananas are a perfect ingredient in breads, muffins and more. Freeze overripe bananas in zip-top bags until you're ready to use them. VISIT PINTEREST.COM/SUSTAINABLEUSA FOR RECIPES! HOW TO STORE BANANAS Remove bananas from plastic bags to ensure they ripen evenly. Bananas should be left to ripen at room temperature. Separate each banana from the bunch and wrap stems with plastic wrap to slow the ripening process. You can also slow ripening by storing bananas in the refrigerator. The skin may darken, but the banana flesh will be just right for several days. IN THE UNITED STATES, 40% OF OUR FOOD NEVER MAKES IT TO THE TABLE. SUSTAINABLE AMERICA IS COMMITTED TO CUTTING FOOD WASTE IN HALF BY 2035. TO LEARN MORE, VISIT SUSTAINABLEAMERICA.ORG/BLOG/BANANAS SUSTAINABLE - AMERICA -

10 Things to Do With Banana Peels

shared by SustainableAmerica on Jul 16
Think a banana peel is only good for the trash? Guess again. Have you ever thought about where all those discarded peels end up? Yep, with the rest of the trash at the landfill, where they produce met...




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