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10 Restaurant Pet Peeves

10 RESTAURANT PET PEEVES We love dining out, but sometimes, we can't avoid some annoyances that can make our dining experience less than satisfactory. Here are some of them: BLAH BLAH HAHA ROWDY CUSTOMERS Running children, loud chatter, and business executives barking in their mobile devices are a sure fire way to ruin the mood. 2 DIRTY SILVERWARE We're not asking for shiny and sparkling utensils, (though it wouldn't hurt), but we'd appreciate using ones without crusted food or forks with bent tines. WORST TABLE IN THE HOUSE Whether it's next to the jangling silverware station, within aromatic distance of the restroom, or by the drafty door, please don't give us the worst table in the house. Sup? OVERLY CASUAL SERVERS The dining world is more casual these days, sure, but if I'm wearing a dress and my date's in a tie, we don't want to see your hairy bare feet in Crocs, bro. ANDY SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURE There's not much worse than sitting in a restaurant and freezing your butt off. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it cools the food faster as well. UNWANTED EXTRA INGREDIENTS Bugs, human hair or an eye lash? Like, seriously? No, thanks, I just lost my appetite! WOBBLY TABLES It would be nice to enjoy your meal without the mini earthquakes and spilled drinks. FORGOTTEN ORDERS It's one thing for an order to be served late, but, never at all?! I demand a free cake! 9. NASTY RESTROOM Toilets that don't flush, stalls without toilet paper and empty soap dispensers? Just hope that the people preparing your food doesn't use the same facilities. 10 WHERE'S THE CHECK? We're not mathematicians, but we're fairly sure that it doesn't take 15 minutes to compute our bill, right? Sources: O gourmet Society PHILIP PINES f GourmetSocietyPH @GourmetPH GourmetSocietyPH

10 Restaurant Pet Peeves

shared by denwy8 on Jan 27
As much as we love dining out in a restaurant, there are some of these small nuisances that ruin our dining experience.


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