10 Most Unexpectedly Delicious Desserts!

10 MOST UNEXPECTEDLY Delicious Desserts 1 WASABI ICE CREAM Combine wasabi (Japanese horseradish) and ice cream Popular in: Japan and South East Asia DEEP FRIED CANDY BARS Candy bars mixed in flour-based batter and then deep fried in oil Popular in: Scotland 3 TAVUK GÖĞSÜ Sweetened milk, cinnamon, rice flour and chicken breast Popular in: Turkey 4 CHOCOLATE & CHEESE PANCAKES Chocolate and cheese pancakes layered into a sandwich and then sliced Popular in: Malaysia and Indonesia ENGLISH BREAKFAST DESSERT Sausages, fried eggs and baked beans recreated from sweet ingredients Popular in: England and Ireland GREEN CHILI HALWA Halwa (carrots or semolina boiled with milk) and green chilies Popular in: India BACON DONUT A donut with maple syrup-flavored bacon Popular in: United States CHOCOLATE EGGPLANT Eggplant covered in chocolate Popular in: Italy, United States U NORWEGIAN FISH PUDDING Cod or haddock whipped in with breadcrumbs, cream and corn starch Popular in: Norway 10 AIS KACANG Ice, red beans, lychee, sweet corn, evaporated milk and green grass jelly Popular in: China, Singapore and Malaysia For more food-related information, visit

10 Most Unexpectedly Delicious Desserts!

shared by Zainpbs on May 16
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There are many delicious desserts all around the world. Some we never heard of ourselves! So we thought it would be fun to do an infographic on 10 unexpectedly delicious desserts. Enjoy!




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