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The 10 most addictive food items

MAMMOTH HUNTERS The 10 most ADDICTIVE food GET YOUR REAL POWER Frequency (F): Count of how often a food was 10 GI: 29 Fat: 19g Sodium: 35mg Research: Which Foods May Be MUFFIN F 20.81 selected as problematic in comparison con other foods. Addictive? The Roles of Gl: 17 Fat: 28g Sodium: 885mg Processing, Fat Content, and Glycemic Load 21.26 CHEESEBURGER Glycemic Load (GI): Researchers: Erica M. Schulte, Nicole M. Avena, Ashley N. Gearhardt Estimation of how much will raise a person's blood glucose level after eating this food. POP CORN (BUTTERED) Gl: 26 Fat: 30g Sodium: 771mg 23.39 GI: 24 Fat: 10g Sodium: 260mg 7 FAT and SODIUM: 24.84 CAKES SOURCE Presence of them on food alter Participants effects enhance the food This study was done with 404 participants, 120 of them were undergraduates from the same university study performed and the other palatability. For this study was considered the ammount of this 6. CHIPS F 25.38 GI: 12 Fat: 10g |Sodium: 160mg elements per standard portion. 5 where the GI: 7 Fat: 4g Sodium: 63mg was 26.72 COOKIES 284 were recruited through Amazon MTurk The first 15 items of this investigation belong to high processed food. 4 PIZZA F 26.73 Gl: 22 Fat: 10g Sodium: 551mg Gl: 21 Fat: 19g Sodium: 266mg 26.94 FRENCH FRIES 3 The first non-processed Get a FREE physical assestment: addictive food is cheese with 19.36 on average frequency. 2 91 Gl: 14 Fat: 15g Sodium: 98mg ICE CREAM F 27.02 GI: 14 Fat: 13g Sodium: 35mg 1 F 27.60 CHOCOLATE 38

The 10 most addictive food items

shared by arunext on Nov 03
We look at some of today’s most popular food items that are extremely addictive including their frequency, Glycemic load, Fat and sodium content. As expected, most of them are processed.


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