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10 Awesome Vegan Bloggers You Need To Follow

10 AWESOME Vegan BLOGGERS YOU NEED TO FOLLOWV OH SHE GLOWS oh she glows GLOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT. TEA SHOPPE RECIPES ABOUT POPULAR THE BOOK FAQ PRESS GREEN TEA LIME PIE SMOOTHIE BowL Arg and th my repe bg wherecelebrate my love for Lin addition to beng meat and dairy, nost of my recpes are free of guten soy and processed foods. Fet free to read my story o my Aout and eend Ah pages. Nure what to mae fre Check out my poula ecpes page JOIN OVER 600 FOLLOWERS! POPULAR RECIPES Oh She Glows is the lovely Angela's award-winning celebration of delicious vegan food. As well as being beautifully presented and oh-so-mouthwatering, the bulk of Angela's recipes are also free of gluten, soy, and processed foods - bonus! The other sections of Oh She Glows are well worth a browse too, and include home renovations, food shopping, kitchen tools, and travel. LITTLE MISS MEAT-FREE Little Miss Meat-Free GREAT JUST VEGAN FOOD THURSA EMARCH RIS HELLO Butternut Squash and Sage Macaroni Little Miss Meat-Free is penned by vegan foodie, and the winner of PETA's 2014 Great Vegan Bake Off. Katy Beskow. Katy's blog is based around vibrat, colourful, and nutritious recipes (as well as the occasional naughty and indulgent one!) She's also a familiar face and demonstrator at food and cooking II "Being vegan means eating a cruelty-free, sustainable way. It's never about thinking what I can't eat, but getting in the kitchen and and living inventive creating dishes that wow even the most dedicated carnivore. The lifestyle takes me on a culinary journey, whether I'm cooking at home or eating out, with big names in the food industry now offering an array of quality, plant-based options. The vegan community is diverse and rapidly growing - it's an exciting time to be part of it." events - see her in action in her 'videos' section. VEGAN CHICKPEA the vegan ch ickpe a AbOUt Rectoes Eisewnere Contact FAVORITES ON FRIOAT Friday, March 13, 2015 Cetegories Caitlin's Vegan Chickpea is a celebration of far more than just 66 "Veganism is the compassion and desire for all sentient beings to have an equal right to life." vegan food, with posts about vegan beauty, fashion, and lifestyle in general. Looks out for Caitlin's weekly roundup of her favourite things from the week, then check out her life' and 'home' sections for a quick sneak peek behind the scenes. POST PUNK KITCHEN cestact POST PÜNK KITCHED BOOKS RECIPES SHOP BLOG VIDEO FORUM Isa Des it Isa Live: A Vegan Life In 4 Courses INGRIDIENTS by lauChandra EA LIUE please select B ISA RECIPI TTPES 4TH OF JULY APPETUPER Order isa's New Book a DotAa yt W Every AUTUMN BREAKFAST CHRISTMAS CONDIMENT COOKE CUPCAKES CURRY DESSERTS DRINK ENTREES GLUTEN FREE GRILLING VEGAN FOUR CORSES Viall ARCHIVES JANUARY 20s JUNE 2014 A vegan blog with bite, Brooklynite Isa's Post Punk Kitchen began life as an online cooking show. Today PPK incorporates delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, a buzzing forum, and a small catalogue of the videos that started it all. You can also shop for Isa's fantastically colourful cookbooks, and kit yourself out in some PPK branded merchandise (including an apron, obviously!) OLIVES FOR DINNER Olives for Dinner HOME ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY FULL RECIPE INOEX PRESS PANTRY RESOURCES CONTACT AY MARCH LE COOK toore Carror LOX carrot lox Jinon pend ALL BLOG HOTOs BY YO A beauty amongst blogs, Olives for Dinner is the work of ethical vegan and adventurous foodie, Erin. The recipes taste as good as they sound, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow, but what really makes Olives for Dinner shine is the stunning photography, courtesy of Erin's husband, and potatoes man", Jeff. CRUELTY-FREE COTTAGE Crudlty Tree Collage The Home of Cruelty- Free Living Hame Abait Cnelly Fre Conpo Remmended iktl Contart #BlogForBunnies - My Complete Cruelty-Free Cosmetics & Toiletries Collection mt ty-e Th po g n fd he ta tcap leo a n nd dtty ppn tepty y gte i h ethe g gr tynt p Cruelty-Free Cottage is twenty- of something Jessica's home cruelty-free living'. As well as recipe inspiration, Jessica's blog boasts vegan living, vegan-esque competitions, and a directory of cruelty-free websites. The blog's still in relative infancy but "Being vegan means that I can live my life knowing that I am not supporting the suffering of animals in any way, and that, to me. is such a brilliant feeling." commentary on it's definitely one to watch! THE VEGAN STONER The Vagan Stener TLT Ahop The Vegan Stoner is a simple blog, both in style and recipes, yet this doesn't stop it being beautifully presented: each ingredient is represented with a charming little illustration. There's no step-by-step imagery but these recipes don't need it - each recipe is based on the premise that you can make tasty vegan meals without heaps of ingredients and complicated instructions. And it works. DELICIOUSLY ELLA Deliciously Ella Text S A AA RDDVN RECPES PHILOSOPHY UFESTYLE STORE EVENTS PRESS COOKBOOK SEARCH QI Books Two and Three! March 11 2015 Simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life He Wme O ly Th beena e t jretere or vovet nbetyeemat Ella Woodward Everymingo foods. Estaboute geireedble fud theefooud tat rgedeand towy sl nde s to he nt H drg dta r y umore If you've not heard of Deliciously Ella, where have you been?! Ella's a famous face in the healthy eating and plant-based diet sphere, with a blog that's bursting with nutritious and delicious recipes, lifestyle tips, and London restaurant reviews. This amazing lady also plays host to cooking classes and brunch clubs, and has recently published her first book. THIS RAWSOME VEGAN LIFE THIS RAWSOME VEGAN LIFE BOUT ME RA POODACT atasCIRE FAEMA CONTACT THURDAY, MARCH BAKED YAMS with TAHINI (AKA HEAVEN) Emily is a raw, vegan foodie, with a meaning Life "Being vegan is the choice for compassionate, vibrant and wholesome life. I sweet tooth, This Rawsome Vegan IS eat plants with dairy-free, jam-packed no-bake cake recipes. Emily does occasionally cook foods (like her delicious vegan Christmas feast) but that still leaves heaps of feel because they make me amazing and no one gets hurt." super-nutritious, raw veggie based dishes to try. Emily's also got some great advice on getting started with raw food as well as a fab resources section for further reading. FETTLE VEGAN Fettle VEGAN RECIPES BLOG EATING OUT INTERVIEWS REVIENS ADVERTISING ABOUT V12/15 Matcha Green Tea Scones with Vanilla Bean Glaze ere at wehaveahety ppreciation for is penned by Fettle Vegan Maine-born and California-living five-year vegan, Amber. As well as super-tasty recipes (many of which. are gluten free), Amber reviews the best vegan products and eating 1 "Being vegan is all about awareness. Awareness of your health, awareness of the sanctity of other beings, and awareness of your impact onto our Earth. I'm a vegan because I know that those three things matter so, so much!" spots, and even has a section dedicated to interviews with some super-cool vegan celebrities. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: GOODNESS

10 Awesome Vegan Bloggers You Need To Follow

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Whether you’re already vegan, considering going vegan, or just want to eat fewer animal-derived products, one thing we know for certain is that there’s no shortage of brilliant blogs offering heap...



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