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You Share The Earth With 7 Billion More

You share the Earth with 7 billion more.. Earth is getting heavier day by day. The world population has been calculated to be a colossal / Dillion. 2050, world population figure still growing. It is expected that will stand somewhat as below : 1.9 billion North America Europe Asia Africa Latin America & Caribbean 1.9 billion 765 million 448 million 5.2 billion What are the main factors contributing to this Population Boom'? Increased Increased BIRTH RATE LONGEVITY Reduced Decreased INFANT MORTALITY DEATH RATE Lack of Cultural EDUCATION INFLUENCES IMMIGRATION/EMIGRATION Every ecosystem must remain in balance to remain healthy. Till the 1800s the world population did not reach the 1 billion mark. On the contrary in the past 200 years, that figure has increased to a massive 6 billion. The greatest population explosion occurred in 1950. 5. 1800 2000 Top Ten Countries with the highest Population COUNTRY 2000 2010 2012 2050 POPULATION POPULATION POPULATION EXPECTED POPULATION CHINA 1,268,853,362 1,330,141,295 1,343,239,923 1,303,723,332 INDIA 1,004,124,224 1,173,108,018 1,205,073,612 1,656,553,632 UNITED STATES 282,338,631 310,232,863 313,847,465 439,010,253 INDONESIA 213,829,469 242,968,342 248,645,008 313,020,847 BRAZIL 176,319,621 201,103,330 193,946,886 260,692,493 PAKISTAN 146,404,914 184,404,791 190,291,129 276,428,758 NIGERIA 123,178,818 152,217,341 170,123,740 264,262,405 BANGLADESH 130,406,594 156,118,464 161,083,804 233,587,279 RUSSIA 146,709,971 139,390,205 142,517,670 109,187,353 JAPAN 126,729,223 126,804,433 127,368,088 93,673,826 Adverse effects of World Population : The impact of population growth are varied and vast. Several adverse effects and hazards are apprehended with the world's massive 'Population' as the sole cause... Food & Water: Housing People need to eat to live. And meeting this basic need of the ever increasing population is a matter of concern. (According to the United Nations Population Fund, half of the world's population lives in poverty and depends on the land for income and sustenance.) 7 billion people need shelter. So more people are crowding into less space which is not at all hygienic. As space is taken up, it becomes more valuable. Eventually, it begins to affect to poorest in the area. Fact : By the year 2050, it is estimated that farmers have to produce as much as 70% more food to keep up with population Result : In the long run the effect of population growth may be substandard housing or homelessness. growth. Waste Control Massive Energy Consumption We need and consume energy at every levels. From cooling our homes to running With fewer people, waste control is a simpler task. As wastes take many forms from sewage to trash, it has to be treated carefully owing to its toxic nature. But with the upsurge of world population it becomes challenging. cars and equipments. And this consumption rate is increasing to a great scale due to the rise in global population. Result : Regions of the world that do not have the ability to do this will find it leads to Fact : It is estimated that the United States has 5% of the world's population a number other serious issues and but consumes 25% of the world's becomes a massive public health problem. resources. And this leads to the next point ... Global Warming Rapidly growing countries (India, China, Brazil) are now contributing to emissions and waste as well. Leading to Global warming and depletion of the Ozone layer. What are the measures we can take to put a check on this growing 'Population': Conservation : Administrative Management : The key to a healthful environment and ecosystem is conservation. Consuming only that which is absolutely necessary and finding ways to sustain and balance the Some nations have taken a legislative approach to population growth control by legalizing parents not to have more than a certain number of children, with fines in case of a breach of the law. environment is critical. (Eg : China) Contraception : Education : Education should be provided to the If contraceptives are made widely available at reasonable costs, more unaware and uneducated lots of the society about the adverse effects of large families. Importance of academics and job training are critical for slowing the growth rate in developing nations. women would be able to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Countries with higher instances of using birth control have lower population growth rates. Advocacy for Women's Rights Giving women control over their bodies is critical to slowing population growth, as is support from all corners for women who choose to have fewer children or none at all. SOURCES : Designed by : InfoGraphic DESIGN TEAM s there room for everyone?.. ........

You Share The Earth With 7 Billion More

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Over-population, a curse for a country. It has several adverse effects that affects a country in myriad ways possible. Check out this awesome Infographic on the growing "Population" by InfoGraphic Design Team.


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