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A Worm's Worth: How Earthworms Help the Green Grass Grow

a worm's worth: HOW EARTHWORMS HELP THE GREEN GRASS GROW Whether you call them nightcrawlers, rainworms, angleworms, earthworms, or just worms, these little wrigglers contribute to healthy, beautiful lawns in a variety of ways. Learn more about these often unseen creatures, and how you can use them to benefit your lawn. they break up thatch It will be difficult to deny the probability that every particle THATCH IS A ROUGH, DENSE of earth... has passed through the intestines of worms. LAYER OF MATTER (DEAD GRASS, STEMS, AND ROOTS) - CHARLES DARWIN THAT BLOCKS THE FLOW OF WATER AND NUTRIENTS. they eat nematodes NEMOTODES ARE PARASITES THAT FEED ON GRASS ROOTS. MORE NITROGEN IN UNCHECKED, THEY CAUSE SOIL WITH WORMS YELLOWING, WILTING, AND BARE PATCHES. they help water flow THE TUNNELS THEY MAKE BREAK UP THE SOIL AND PROVIDE A PATH FOR 7x MORE PHOSPHATE IN WATER TO FLOW AND SOIL WITH WORMS REACH ROOTS EASILY. they eat other pests BY REDUCING THE NUMBER OF HARMFUL BACTERIA, FUNGI, 11x MORE POTASSIUM IN AND MICROBES, WORMS SOIL WITH WORMS INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF BENEFICIAL MICROBES. they fertilize the soil PSST... NITROGEN, PHOSPHATE, AND POTASSIUM ARE THE NUTRIENTS EARTHWORM WASTE - CALLED REPRESENTED BY THE 3 NUMBERS CASTINGS - IS MORE ON FERTILIZER BAGS. NUTRIENT-RICH THAN THE SOIL THE WORM INITIALLY CONSUMED. HELP YOUR EARTHWORMS HELP YOU! Keep them fed by creating an earthworm pile (a stack of leaves, kitchen scraps, and other vegetation) near your lawn, and by leaving grass clippings in the lawn after mowing. Also, herbicides and pesticides can kill earthworms, so be careful! Worms are the intestines of the earth. -ARISTOTLE SOURCES www.EARTHWORMFACTS.NET/ WORMCOMPOSTINGFAN.HUBPAGES.COM wwW.EHOW.COM/LIST 6107679 HUBVEARTHWORM-COMPOSTING PRESENTED BY EN. WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/EARTHWORM BENEFITS-EARTHWORMS HTML

A Worm's Worth: How Earthworms Help the Green Grass Grow

shared by lawncare on Oct 15
Earthworms are your personal gardener. These little guys make organic fertilizer and rid your soil of disease and pests.



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